WTB Trail Boss Tires: Out Of The Box- by Guitar Ted

Recently we started the WTB Nineline 2.25 review, and now it is time to check out the other new tread design for 29″ers we were sent, the Trail Boss.

The all new Trail Boss

The all new Trail Boss

The Trail Boss is WTB’s newest 29″er design, (it also will be available in a 27.5 size as well), for all around trail bike use. WTB set out to design a tire that could do it all: Roll fast, brake well, have grip in off camber situations, and one that would work in numerous conditions. WTB wanted all of that and make it a decent weight with their TCS tubeless bead to make sure it would perform as a tubeless tire. Here is a list of features on the new Trail Boss:

  • TCS: WTB’s excellent tubeless compatible casing and specially designed bead. (UST dimension- not a good fit on Stan’s rims!)
  • Dual DNA: The Dual DNA is dual compound tread design- Harder in the middle to promote speed, softer on the edges for better grip. Side knobs have a slower rebounding compound make up to help improve grip.
  • Lightweight Casing: Optimized for sealant retention, suppleness, and low weight.

trail boss 3Two Versions: There will be two versions of the Trail Boss in 29 inch size. Both at a 2.25″ width, but one will be a “TCS Tough” casing. TCS Tough is a dual casing construction for ultimate toughness and downhill performance without fear of wrecking a lighter weight casing on a tire. It will feature the same Dual DNA compound as the WTB TCS Light 29″er Trail Boss. Estimated weight on the TCS Tough Trail Boss 29 is 920 grams with the MSRP of $83.95. Availability should be in Summer 2014.

The version we’re testing is the TCS Light and it has a projected weight of 795 grams with a U.S. retail of $69.95. It will also be available in the Summer.

Impressions: With the excellent TCS tubeless system, we expect this tire to perform at a high level tubeless on a UST rim. The tread looks aggressive enough, and our weight for these came out to be 820 grams each- a little heavier than stated, but well within reason, given that tires can have a small percentage of weight differences from one example to another. The tread blocks show WTB’s penchant for using siping and this should prove to give the tires a lot of grip. We’re also hoping that these side knobs don’t suffer the dreaded Bronson “zipper” effect and dump us in the corners. Time will out any negatives in that area soon, as our tester, MG, already is riding these.

Look for a full report in his First Impressions coming soon.

Note: WTB sent over these Trail Boss 2.25? tires at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test/review. We are not being paid nor bribed for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.