WTB Tires: On Test- by Guitar Ted

Wilderness Trail Bikes has announced a few new tires recently and have sent Twenty Nine Inches a couple of advance sets to test and review ahead of thier public availability coming up in June of this year. Those tread patterns are the all new “Trail Boss” 2.25″er and a wider version of the Nineline, which bows in a new 2.25  width. (Note- the Nineline in the original 2.0″ size was tested by us here)  Both tires also feature the excellent TCS tubeless system which we have liked here at Twenty Nine Inches.

WTB Nineline 2.25"

WTB Nineline 2.25″

WTB Trail Boss 29 X 2.25"

WTB Trail Boss 29 X 2.25″










From the Press Release:

Further rounding out WTB’s mountain portfolio are the Trail Boss and Breakout patterns filling trail and aggressive all mountain categories in the new line.  WTB Trail Boss tires feature staggered side knobs, an even tread shelf, and abundant siping to create additional working edges as the tire is ridden aggressively.  Tight tread pitch and ramped center blocks were used in order to create a fast rolling tread pattern.

The Nine Line is the new-school approach to a top notch, 29-inch specific, lightweight race tire.  Our global team of racers collaborated to make a tire with the ability to accelerate and roll like no other.  Its micro-square knob tread design and supple casing provide impressive traction to keep you in control while you haul the mail

The tires we were sent will be individually reviewed by Guitar Ted (Nineline 2.25″) and one of our new testers, MG, (Trail Boss). The tires are awaiting some clearing of the trails before we can hit them up, but in the meantime we will be bringing you some Out Of The Box posts on each tire. Stay tuned for more coming soon…..

Note: WTB sent these tires to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for test/review and we are not being bribed nor paid for these reviews. we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.