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Monstercross, that category of bike that isn’t quite a 29″er, and isn’t really legal for “true” cross racing in most sanctioned circles. The category of big wheeled bikes that blurs the lines between road and mountain bike. If you are not familiar with “monster cross” type bikes, here is a loose definition of the breed.

A typical monster cross build could perhaps best be described as a cyclo-cross bike on steroids. Usually a cyclo-cross frame with enough clearance to fit something between 45mm and 52mm of fat rubber will get you the “monster cross” tag. (Well, if you are actually using the fat rubber, that is.)

Twenty Nine Inches wants to know, “Who does ‘Monstercross’ out there?” and why. How do you use your “monster crosser”? Should it be included in 29″er coverage?

Use the comment section and let us know what you think.