It has been awhile since we have directed you to our sister site, The Cyclist , but we’ve been busy over on that side as well. If you are not familiar with The Cyclist, it is where we take a look at everything that isn’t 29?er related. (Here’s our last Recommendo post, in case you missed that.) Check out these latest posts and more…..

Ergon Does Gloves: You may know that Ergon does grips, but did you know they are also doing gloves as well?

We got to check out some of Ergon’s latest All Mountain/Trail full-fingered gloves recently. (Ergon is also doing XC gloves too, by the way.) The HE2, (pictured), and the HA2 are pretty unique mitts. Check out what we thought by clicking here. We also got to check out another new Ergon product, the PC2-L pedals.

Ergon Does Pedals:
These are for your commuting or general purpose needs. Ergon waved their magic wand of ergonomic design over traditional flat pedals and came up with a unique take on something that you would think had been done to death. Did they succeed in their quest to make cycling better? Who are these pedals for, exactly? Check out my thoughts on the matter here.

Got iPhone?:

Lots of you readers out there probably have one of these iPhone gadgets. They can do a lot, and even can be used as cycling computers, navigation devices, and cameras.
So, if you want to take this gadget off road, and not have to later search for an apple iphone repair shop,

how do you protect it without sealing it in a steel case and still be able to see it, hold it, and have it be functional? These can all be very valid concerns when using a high tech piece of equipments such as an iPhones.

Grannygear checks out one way to do that in his review of Ballistic iPhone 4 cases right here.

More Gadgetry:

Many of you out there also use those iPhones and other mp3 players to get your groove on while riding, especially when you can convert your favourite songs on youtube to mp3 songs!

So, to that end, Grannygear has been on somewhat of a quest for the perfect cycling friendly earbuds for his mp3 player. He came across something at Interbike, and one thing led to another, and well…..anyway, just go read his review of the “yurbuds” products that caught his fancy. You can find it on The Cyclistsite here.

Planet Bike For 2012:

Planet Bike sent over a few items for us to check out and I introduce those to you in this article on The Cyclistsite.

We have the pictured “Snack Sack” top tube bag, which I have been using and it is working out really well. Head on over to see about the other two products that are some timely items for the coming season. I’ll be updating these introductions with full reviews coming in the future.

And There’s More:

Check out the Clif Bar taste-a-thon Grannygear and I did in this article covering some of Clif Bar’s latest products. Also, Grannygear checked out hydration packs from Lezyne. You can read his thoughts on those right here. I finally finished torturing some Vittoria mtb shoes and you can read about the results here.

We’ll have another “Recommendo” post here on Twenty Nine Inches detailing our activities on The Cyclistsite, but you don’t have to wait. Check in with us over there often.