Maybe you know our “sister site”, The Cyclist, but perhaps you don’t. Well, if you fall into the category of those that don’t know, we are pretty busy over there testing a lot of non-29?er related parts and gear. We thought it’d be nice to point out some of our recent gear reviews for riders of 29?ers since ya’all ride mountain bikes. Mountain bikers need more than just 29″er bikes, and that’s where our sister site fits into all this.

Salsa Cycle’s sponsored rider, Matt Gersib does a guest review of the Vaya on The Cyclist.

Salsa Cycles Vaya Review: We had a good friend of Twenty Nine Inches, Matt Gersib, do a great review of his Salsa Cycles Vaya for us which is posted in the Reviews Section of The Cyclist. Check it out.

Grannygear’s Thoughts On Drive Train Madness: Ever wonder when all the “gearing wars” would stop? Do we really need 10 speed cassettes? Check out Grannygear’s thoughts here.

You Can Do It In Those Shoes: Grannygear does a review on some Bontrager mtb shoes here. Bonus RL Saddle review as well!

We’ll be pointing out some other The Cyclist posts in the future, so stay tuned!