Editors Note: Yeah, yeah…..another year end review! Tis the season! So, here are my favorite things that have passed through the Twenty Nine Inches review process during the past year. I want to point out a few parameters that I used for what I chose here.

1. The product had to be in the review process during the time period of December 2006 through to the end of November 2007. Reviews that are currently in process I did not include and will be eligible for my 2008 Top Ten list.

2. They had to be products or bicycles that I personally used during this period. Nothing any of the other Twenty Nine Inches staff reviewed on their own could be considered for my list. This list doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone but me, Guitar Ted.

That said, let’s get on with this……
RST M-29 Fork in white

Number One: RST M-29 Suspension Fork. RST wasn’t on most folks radar when it came to suspension forks for 29″ers and it was a bit of a surprise to Twenty Nine Inches when we heard about it. We got our mits on one of the M-29 forks late in the spring and thrashed it throughout the rest of the year. It became quite clear that this wasn’t the RST I knew before.

Why it made the list: First and foremost, the fork just plain works well. That is something that needs to be stressed here. Even if it wasn’t an RST product, this fork at under $350.00 retail is such a great value and works so well for what it is that I just would have to put it on the list. Add to that the fact that this is one fork in the line of new stuff from RST that should turn the image of the company around and you have nothing short of a smash hit on your hands.

My Two Cents: This is the best bang-for-your-buck 29″er product of 2007 by a long shot. With suspension performance that rivals forks twice the price and lateral stiffness that is better than the category leading Reba, the RST M-29 is an attention getter. Then you have the ability to run cantilever brakes, (for those disc brake hold outs amongst us), a choice of 80mm or 100mm travel options, and a choice of either a pearly white or black color for the magnesium sliders which puts it over the top value-wise. Solid performance, options, and a low price for all of it adds up to the Number One status for 2007 on my Top Ten 29″er Products list.

That’s it folks! The Top Ten 29″er Products as I tested them for 2007. I hope you enjoyed that. Now I am looking ahead to 2008 and already I have some stellar choices that will most likely end up on the list for the next time I do this. 2008 looks to be an exciting year for 29″er freaks. Happy New Year!