Hey folks! Twenty Nine Inches has been getting a lot of great “Reader’s Choice” award nominees. Instead of keeping you all in the dark here, I thought I would update you all on the early leaders in the voting. (By the way, you can still continue to vote by e-mailing your suggestions via the “diggers@twentynineinches” e-mail link in the right hand margin)

The early leader so far is the Specialized Epic Marathon 29″er which is getting raves from several of you out there.


Running second in the voting now is Niner Bikes Carbon Fork which also won an award recently at Eurobike.

1_NINER award

Other notable vote getters that are close include the Salsa Cycles Titanium El Mariachi, the Ragley Bikes TD-1 titanium rig, and Stan’s Crest Rims, which have all garnered votes above and beyond anything else ya’all have suggested so far. I have received votes for two dozen or more products, so the range of items is impressive that have made an impression on you, the readers, this past year.

Once again, here are a few things to keep in mind for The Reader’s Choice Award for 2010: First- The product in question must have been available for purchase during the calendar year of 2010. So, no new “unobtanium” frame sets, bicycles, or components. Okay? Second: The product must not be marketed as a 2011 product. Anything available now, but marketed as a 2011 product will go on next year’s list for a possible Reader’s Choice Award. Third: The product must be 29?er specific. So, it will be limited to frames, forks, wheels, rims, tires, and complete 29 inch bicycles. Fourth: I will be the final judge on the voting. The ideas for this award will be accepted by sending an e-mail via the link at the right margin- (diggers@twentynineinches.com). Keep it on track and keep it fun. Your choice will be revealed just before the #1 Top 29?er Product Of 2009 is posted.

And Finally: A big thanks to the many of you that voted the site as the #1 29″er Product of 2010. We’re humbled and appreciative, but we also must remind you that we are not for sale. You get us for free and all that comes with it, so we do not qualify under the rules of voting. 🙂

Keep voting! We’ll be tallying the vote here at TNI headquarters and we’ll update you once more before the results are revealed near the end of the month! Stay tuned for the Top Ten 29″er Products Of 2010, which should start kicking in to gear next week here.