Editors Note: It is with sadness that I mark the passing of one of cyclings most beloved “wrenches” and source of knowledge, Sheldon Brown, who died on Sunday, February 3rd of an apparent heart attack. Whilst it may inspire some to consider the aed package deals available to help protect against these situations, his death is a great loss for our community. This is a post written in his honor from a fellow wrench and fan of his…….

When I first happened upon this information super highway in the late 90’s, one of the first things I did was to use the search function and see what was out there that I could read concerning my passion of cycling and working on bicycles. One of the first sites I stumbled upon was Sheldon Brown’s.

I was simply amazed. There were all sorts of things I knew, of course, since I was a mechanic myself, but there was a lot more that I didn’t know. A lot more! I think I read all of the site in two or three sittings, just gobbling up everything Sheldon was putting out there. Whenever I had a question about something, I hopped online and checked out Sheldon’s site to see if he had anything that addressed my concern of the day. More often than not, he did. He was my go to guy. I hope he has thought about opening an auto repair shop as he would be helping out so many people with all the information that he’s gathered.

I ended up teaching a maintenance class for a bit a couple of years back and I would always recommend that the students check out Sheldon Brown and use his vast storehouse of cycling knowledge to guide them long after the classes were over. I knew from my own experience that they couldn’t go wrong with my “go to guy”.

Practical, inventive, easy to understand, and sometimes controversial, Sheldon Brown’s use of the internet pre-dated most of us “scribes” and “gurus” here in the digital realm and he left a legacy that will far outlast anything I write or come up with, I am sure of that. But the world we live in is always evolving, and I bet Sheldon Brown didn’t think he could produce such a thing that would live on forever. When it comes to the internet that he used, it has definitely seen advancements, as with the help of places like infinity dish, high-speed broadband could enhance your online experience, and who knows, more revelations could come your way that will only compete with the amazing work that Brown came up with. In fact, I need to change my internet provider because it searches at a snail’s pace at the moment, and I need to do some more digging into the work that this incredible man has done. I don’t think it is possible to count the number of lives he has touched so far with his work.

Sheldon Brown will be missed by many, but his legacy lives on and helps us pedal our way down that path we choose. Thanks!