WTB Ranger PlusWe have On-Test two sets of the new WTB Ranger Plus tire in 27.5×3.0 and in 29×3.0.  JeffJ will be running the 29+ version on his Trek Stache 9 on the stock Mulefut rims which are 45mm internal and I will be running a set of the 27.5s on a Specialized 6Fattie with carbon Roval wheels in a 29mm internal width, so we have it all covered except for the 2.8 folks.

Let’s take a look at what we have here.  From the WTB website:

Searching for the ultimate do-all tire to satisfy your plus-size needs? Meet the Ranger…you’re welcome. Exposed outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease while the tight, supportive centerline tread pattern delivers a fast yet supple plus-size tire that excels in all conditions. Completing the package, multi-directional siping assures the Ranger will grab hold whether tackling technical climbs or roosting into corners. Weight optimized to outperform in all conditions, wet or dry, hardpack or loam. Limitless traction, increased confidence and multiple usages make the plus-size Ranger ready for any challenge. Trail ready, bikepacking approved….the Ranger isn’t intimidated.

USAGE: Trail / All-Mountain / Bikepacking
CONDITIONS: Dry to Wet / Hardpack to Loam

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound Casing Bead
27.5″ x2.8 TCS Light
(fast rolling)
803g Dual
Lightweight TCS
27.5″ x2.8 TCS Light (high grip) TBD Gravity DNA Lightweight TCS
27.5″ x2.8 TCS Tough (fast rolling) TBD Dual DNA Enduro TCS
27.5″ x3.0 TCS Light (fast rolling) 835g Dual DNA Lightweight TCS
27.5 x3.0 TCS Light (high grip) TBD Gravity DNA Lightweight TCS
27.5″ x3.0 TCS Tough(fast rolling) TBD Dual DNA Enduro TCS
29″ x 3.0 TCS Light (fast rolling) 902g Dual DNA Lightweight TCS

WTB Ranger Plus

WTB Ranger Plus

Both of the sets we have are of the WTB Ranger Plus are of the TCS Light version, so that fits what we are doing with them.  Plus tires are still searching for their soul a bit, so what is best as far as tread design, compounds, sidewalls…even casing size…is still very much in the infant stage.

WTB Ranger PlusI weighed the WTB Ranger Plus samples we had. I weighed the 29+ versions and shot some pics, then gave them to JeffJ who had them mounted before he even went to bed.  Of course I promptly lost the weight numbers.  Lastima!  But I also weighed the 27.5 tires and found them to be at 855g and 821g (including the big zip tie holding them rolled up like some rubber armadillo).  It is so odd, holding Plus tires in your hands…they just look huge.  In any case, the 27.5s were right in the zone as compared to the claimed weight, so I will assume the 29+ versions are as well.  And that is a decent weight, right at what Trek claims for a 3.0 Chupacabra (never weighed one of those) but the cost of the Rangers are quite a bit less.  Chups go for an MSRP of $94.99 so at $67.95 for the Ranger, that is a good price difference.

Looking at the 27.5×3.0, that weight is around 170g-200g lighter, allowing for variances, over the Purgatory Control 3.0s I am running now.  That is a lot of savings in weight, although the Purg is a much more aggressive tire.

The tread is a bit more angry then the Chupracabras and the tire is a bit peakier as well.  We will get them get all settled to size (tubeless of course) and we will take width measurements.  JeffJ reports that they feel very fast on his typical trails, so we shall see how that goes.

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Note: The products shown here were provided at no cost to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.