We recently announced the arrival of a pair of Sun Ringle’ Charger Pro 29″er wheels for review. Here is the detailed report and some visuals for you on these new 2010 models. The Charger Pro slots into the Sun Ringle’ line up as their Trail/All Mountain 29″er wheel set. It comes complete with end caps for QR, (installed out of the box), 15QR through axle, and 20mm through axle set ups. You also get Stan’s sealant, valve stems, and yellow sealant tape, (sealant tape installed out of the box) for a tubeless set up if you so desire. Let’s take a closer look….

Charger29Pro2010 002

The overall appearance of the wheels is pretty flashy. White rims with black and red graphics, red anodized alloy nipples, black spokes, and red anodized hubs that look like hard candy. Pretty nice job of anodizing here! With that said, these certainly won’t appeal to those looking for the “stealth black” or “classy all silver” looks. Interestingly, I heard from a few component manufacturers that were breaking away from the traditional black and silver anodized colors because they were boring and didn’t allow for a differentiation amongst competing products. For whatever that is worth, we have here a wheel set that makes a bold statement visually and lets everyone at the trail head know you’ve got some “bling” on yer rig, that’s for certain!

Charger29Pro2010 019Charger29Pro2010 018
As stated in the introduction post, these wheels utilize Stan’s NoTubes “BST” rim design. “BST” stands for “Bead Socket Technology”. It is a design that lowers the rim bead, and shortens and lowers the “hook” that a clincher rim would have in favor of a “bead socket”. The idea being that with the rim/tire contact area being moved from the chafer strip above the tire bead in a traditional clincher set up to a point where the tire bead and rim socket meet in a Stan’s design allows for better tubeless performance, and a more secure tire/rim interface. The tire can “open up” and act more like a tubular tire. That’s the theory in a nutshell, anyway.

The big difference between the Stan’s rims and this Sun Ringle’ offering is that the Charger Pro features single eyelets and a more angular, deeper profile than Stan’s rims do. This should allow for a stronger spoke/rim interface and the rim is designed for lateral stiffness and to be able to deal with the rigors of All Mountain type riding. As in many pre-builts, the Sun Ringle’ Charger Pros have a bit fewer spokes than standard wheel sets. These feature 28 Wheelsmith straight pull, double butted spokes in a cross three pattern. Interestingly the spokes do not “lace over” each other in this spoking pattern. Rather there is an inner set and outer set on each flange. I asked Sun Ringle’s Scott Boyd why the lacing pattern is the way it is and why straight pull spokes were used. He had the following to say about this:

“The direct pull designs allows for the hub to take the loads, not spokes. The direct pull spokes have proven to have greater lateral stiffness to the wheel than a traditional J-Bend spoke. If you do interlace the spokes with the direct pull design, the spokes will have an unwanted bend (more than a traditional hub). This will cause stress to spoke.”

Charger29Pro2010 012Charger29Pro2010 016
The hubs, as I mentioned, are red- really red! The rear features an 6061 alloy cassette body with three pawls, a 24 tooth ratchet ring which yeilds 72 engagement points, and a 7075 aluminum axle that runs on four “EZO” bearings. The rear hub is convertible to 135 X 12mm and 142 X 12mm through axle standard by purchasing an aftermarket axle end cap kit for $20.00 USD a pair. The front hub also features the 7075 aluminum alloy axle with two “EZO” bearings.

Charger29Pro2010 022
Aftermarket Sun Ringle’ Charger Pro wheels come with everything you see here in the box, plus the rims have Stan’s yellow sealing tape pre-installed, all for MSRP $650.00.

The rest of the specs on these wheels are as follows…….

Wheel weight: Front 920gm Rear 1010gm
Rim width: Outer dimension: 28.00mm Inner Dimension: 22.80mm
Rim profile depth: 22.00mm

Charger29Pro2010 003

I’ll be setting up the Charger Pro wheels tubeless with some tires here shortly, mounting them to the Salsa Cycles Big Mama, and then riding them for a few rides before I come back with my First Impressions post. Stay tuned!

Note: The reviewed wheel set is being provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for review. We are not being paid or bribed for this review. We will give our honest opinion or thoughts through out.