In a move that seems to be a reflection of what Shimano has done with XTR, and XTR Trail, SRAM just released information telling us about a new pair of brakes they are calling “X0” and “X0 Trail”.

X0 Brakes in “Red”. (Image courtesy of SRAM)

X0 Brakes: SRAM has been introducing new names and design tweaks across the range of its brakes for 2012/13. Gone are the Juicy, and for the most part, Avid branding in turn for branding that aligns more with the drive train parts. SRAM says the X0 brakes retain the tool free reach adjustment and are Match Maker X compatible. There is a colorway choice of Red, (shown here), silver, or black.

Rotor sizes supported will be 160, 170, 180, and 200mm in the new HS 1 design. (SRAM lists a 140mm rotor in HS 1 but does not indicate that it will work for the new X0 brake.) Weight claimed for the system is 315gm for a front brake, direct mount, 160mm rotor. The system runs on DOT 5.1 fluid and is a 2 piston, “open” design. The caliper is a forged, 2 piece design. Pads are organic with alloy backing plates. Expected availability is mid-July. Price is set at MSRP $261.00 per wheel.

X0 Trail brakes (Image courtesy of SRAM)

X0 Trail: Here’s the answer to Shimano’s XTR Trail brakes, seemingly, from SRAM. A four piston, lightweight caliper and lever design SRAM is calling “X0 Trail”. The new design features a tool free reach and pad adjustment along with the Match Maker X compatibility. The lever also features a pivot bearing which the X0 lacks. It will be available in the silver, (as shown), or black versions. Both the X0 Trail and X0 brake calipers will have tooled adjustable banjo fittings, which owners of full suspension rigs should like. All other features of the X0 brake apply here as well.

You’ll pay a slight weight penalty for the (assumed) more power of the “Trail” version of X0. Claimed weight is 340 grams for a 160mm rotor, front, direct mount version. Price for the X0 Trail brakes is set at MSRP $310.00 and they should be available in mid-July according to the press release.

We expect to find out more concerning these brakes in a few weeks at Sea Otter. Will there be a “XX Trail” version as well? Time will tell, but assuming that SRAM is trying to address the Shimano XTR Trail brake idea, one might be pardoned for thinking along these lines.

NOTE: Images and information used in this post were supplied by SRAM in a press release.