We announced the introduction of a new tire test/review here awhile back, and now it is time to give you some specifics on the Specialized Purgatory 29″er treads. For the record, here are the tires in the model line we will be taking a look at and some initial specs:


2.2 S-Works Weights: 666/671 grams

2.2 Control Weights: 746/739 grams

2.4 Control Weights: 791/794 grams

Some more details from Specialized’s website:
Big jobs require big equipment. The Purgatory has big volume in its casing and monster traction, with biting side and center knobs when conditions turn soft.

The S-Works 2.2″ model features the following:
•Casing: 120 TPI
•Bead: Aramid
•Center Compound: 70a
•Shoulder Compound: 60a
•2Bliss ready
•PSI: 35-65
•Approx. weight: 670g
MSRP $65.00 each

The Control 2.2″ model and 2.4″ model features the following:
•420/D1 for 15% improved puncture and cut resistance
•Bead: Aramid
•Center Compound: 70a
•Shoulder Compound: 60a
•2Bliss ready
•29″ x 2.2 approx. weight 720g, PSI: 35-65*
•29″ x 2.4 approx. weight 675g, PSI: 35-65* (Editor’s Note: Obviously, this weight is a typo for the 2.4″)
•*Not available in all markets
MSRP $50.00 each

Now let’s take a closer look at that tread pattern………..


Okay, so we have some bigger, multi-shaped knobs with a bit of siping and an open look to the tread. First impressions at the look of the tread are that it is slightly reminiscent of a “blockier” Ardent with the openness and roundness of a Michelin XC AT. Dual tread compound hints at good traction. Of course, these are all tubeless ready tires, but we will also be using tubes in some of them. Weights seem reasonable on the 2.2″ versions and a bit on the lighter side if indeed the 2.4″ version is as wide as it is claimed to be. (We’re seeing weights typically into the 800 plus gram range on the bigger 2.4″tires we are testing, with the exception of the Schwalbe Racing Ralph).

Grannygear is already riding the 2.2″ers and I will be riding the 2.4 inch version. Stay tuned for a First Impressions post coming your way soon.