Shimano Shoes: A Tale Of Two Soles- Introduction- by Guitar Ted

During our Interbike coverage, we told you about Shimano’s newest shoe for the XC racer, the SH-XC90. (Here) We also told you that we have another pair of Shimano shoes, the SH-XC30, which are more the “everyman’s shoe” versus the “Superman” slippers that are Shimano’s top of the line mountain bike shoe. In this test, we wanted to compare and contrast the cutting edge SH-XC90 with the SH-XC30 and see what you get, or don’t get, from either pair of these mountain biking shoes.


The SH-XC90 mtb shoes

Shimano mtb shoes

The SH-XC30 shoes

The SH-XC90’s are the top of the line racing shoe with a moldable insole and shoe while the SH-XC30 is a typical three strap Velcro closure shoe. Grannygear will be chiming in on his experiences with the SH-XC90 and the SH-XC30 in SoCal while I will be wearing both the shoes on test here in the Mid-West and comparing them for your reading pleasure as well.

So, stay tuned for the Tech Intro for both of these shoes and then we will dive into the similarities and differences you might experience with the upper and lower ends of the spectrum here.

Note: Shimano provided the shoes for this test/review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. We are not being bribed nor paid for this review. We will strive to be honest with our thoughts and opinions throughout.