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Subaru had a very cool display highlighting bikes from generations past right up to today and pairing them up with period correct Subaru models.  Neat…took me back a few years.


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 Zoic clothing had a nice new baggy short in the Contraband model, shown here in the Fresh color.



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DSC06789This is the ‘Father of Mountain Biking”, Mr. Gary Fisher.  Nice suit, Gary.  He has a style that is 100% unique…cool dude who is still excited about getting people on bikes after all these years.  We were at Trek to see, among other things, the new Stache line of hardtails, now all in a 29+ flavor.  Very interesting.  With the new Manitou Magnum fork (or a rigid fork depending on the model), it is a quite well engineered bike, designed for fun on trail, bikepacking or whatever.  We are looking forward to getting on one of these ASAP.  We will break out this bike into a more complete article later.

Short stays, stout fork, quite fattish tubeless ready tire 29+, SS ready, etc.  Really intriguing bike in the + Size Wars.





DSC06808This is the new Manitou Magnum fork for 29+.  Based on a stout fork, the Mattoc, the new Magnum is a nice piece of work,  34mm stanchions in only 110mm of travel, the reverse arch, Hex axle, IVA/TPC/Mc2/HBO technology…click on the link for more on all those acronyms.  They really spent some time getting the spring rates and damping just right for the 10psi, high tire volume of the 29+ tire size and even accounted for the increased loading that the amazing traction that tire provides.  This is no ‘regular’ 29er fork with a new casting, etc.  At 4lbs and around $900.00 retail, it will be a real fine option on what is now a very limited market of 29+ capable forks. Trek spec’d this on the Stache 9 29+ bike.

Also shown was the 50mm Mulefut rim and new hubs available in both complete wheel sets and separate parts.  The rim is $140.00 retail (weight TBA) and goes tubeless easily.  The hubs are all convertible as normal and are also in the new Boost standard.  3 pawls with 10° engagement (30T drive ring).