Scott Vivo PlusThis helmet came along when I was looking for a ‘tweener’ helmet, as I had on hand a couple of fuller coverage trail helmets (more like the Scott Stego) and a couple of road helmets, but for all-round use and gravel bike stuff, the MTB helmets I had were a bit over the top and the road helmets had no visor and were a bit less than I might want for a long mixed surface ride.

Enter the Vivo Plus. From the Scott Sports website:

The SCOTT Vivo PLUS Helmet is the go to helmet for safety and style conscious trail riders. With the added safety of an integrated MIPS Brain Protection System, extended coverage and optimized geometry, and our top MRAS2 fit system, you can feel safe and secure no matter where you ride.

Lets take a look at some of the specs and technology the Vivo Plus has.

  • Weight – A claimed 350g for the Medium size I have showed a 340g weight on my Postal Scale of Truth and Justice. That is 27g lighter than the Ambush helmet I typically wear off road and 60g more than the Course helmet I use for road (and gravel bike stuff).
  • Cost – $149.99 MSRP
  • PC IN-MOLD CONSTRUCTION -During the in-mold manufacturing process, the outer shell of polycarbonate material is fused with the helmet’s impact absorbent foam liner, creating a super lightweight outer shell. With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mold helmets are more comfortable than traditional helmets. It should help protect your head should an accident happen. However, there are some times a helmet isn’t enough to stop a severe injury. If should an accident occur that leaves you injured you may want to consult Frekhtman & Associates or a law firm more local to you.

Scott Vivo PlusScott Vivo Plus

  • Scott Vivo PlusMRAS-2 Fit System – The Micro Rotary Adjustment System II is SCOTT’s top of the line fit system offering unparalleled comfort, adjustment and stability. It features an optimized ergonomic fit designed to work seamlessly with the helmet and padding. It also features an easy to use ergonomic dial enabling one handed fit adjustment.
  • MIPS® BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM – There is too much about MIPS to go into here, so follow this link to read more, but MIPS hit the scene last year or so and promises to reduce brain trauma from falls. If you have experienced a brain trauma and it wasn’t your fault though then it might be a good idea to get yourself a lawyer (maybe you could take a look at someone from the like the Nehora Law Firm). This might help you get the compensation that you deserve. This MIPS system will hopefully avoid all of that though. It takes the cost of any helmet up a bit compared to one without MIPS, say to the tune of 10 or 20 bucks. Is it worth it? I do not know and I did not crash just to see if it helped me. But one thing that is likely to happen when technology like this comes along, is that it feels ‘bad’ somehow NOT to have it and from a marketing viewpoint, MIPS is likely to be included just so the consumer is more comfy with having it, or at least I bet the MIPS folks hope that is the case as MIPS, as I understand it, is proprietary and must be licensed from them to be used.

mips cut

Scott Vivo PlusThe visor is adjustable, although it’s size is quite minimal, almost a vestigial visor, so I barely noticed it was there. However, it did give me some shade effect and that was welcome, and as it was a short visor, it worked well when I was in the drops of the gravel bike, not hindering my vision.

The fit is fine, no complaints in the comfort sense, but the sizing is a bit iffy between the Medium and the Large. Now I had both samples on hand to try out. I measure as a 59cm and I always wear a Buff headwrap of some kind. That puts me right on the upper end of the Medium and at the lower end of the Large. The Large was a really big feeling and looking helmet and I would not have chosen it based on those things. The Medium was much better, looking perhaps a bit small on my head, but not to a great degree. Even with the Buff in place, the MRAS-2 closure system had plenty of ‘clicks’ left to make it fit tighter. However, the chin strap needs to be longer as I barely had enough webbing to make it without it falling out of the buckle. I could use at least an inch more strap length. Scott Sports is aware of this and is addressing the issue. Chances are my choice of a headwrap is affecting this a bit, but I have never had this happen before in any other helmet.

Scott Vivo Plus

At the start of the Peloton Gravel Mob ride.

I have been using it through the end of summer and into winter now and I have no other complaints. It seems cool enough in the heat of things and stays put under energetic rides. And I love the color, actually (it also comes in Black Camo). One person who saw it remarked “now that is the helmet I would have my team wear if I was running a feed zone during a race”. I call it Roaring Red, but it might be closer to a fluorescent red or even orange (Scott calls it Flash Red). I need to get out my color chart and see about that.

MIPS, good coverage without being over the top in that sense, and solid construction make the Vivo Plus a worthy choice to consider when it comes time to get a new helmet. The awesome Red Flash color choice is just icing on the cake.

Scott Vivo Plus

Winter in So Cal, safely ensconced in the Scott Vivo Plus.

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Note: Scott Sports provided this sample at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.