Scott Shr-alpIt has been quite some time since I received these shoes and that allowed me to use them from late winter till now. I first saw them at last year’s Scott Press Week and though they were a nice package for the trailrider.  This is what Scott has to say about the Shr-alp.

The SCOTT MTB Shr-alp shoe is a Trail choice that takes comfort to the next level. It offers a more relaxed fit and features the Boa closure system for easy, secure adjustment. The ErgoLogic insole features an adjustable arch support and metatarsal button. The adaptive fit pattern upper features welded armor protection for best durability. The Sticki rubber outsole with a stiffness index 7 offers fantastic traction on roots, rocks and loose soil.

Personally I like shoes that allow for off-bike use with some comfort, meaning that hike-a-bikes and stream bed crossings are not a painful or sketchy situation.  Typically that means I give up some footbed stiffness.  No worries. It is a compromise I am willing to make.  I do own some ultra-stiff MTB shoes.  One pair of those uber racing shoes, after a long, unexpected walk where I was helping a broken buddy get off trail and back to his car, left me crippled with calves and an Achilles so sore I could hardly walk. I will take some flex, thanks.

Scott Shr-alp

Scott Shr-alp

Scott Shr-alpScott Shr-alpScott Shr-alp


Looking at the Shr-alps, the Boa lacing stands out as does the ankle coverage and the deep lugged sole. The color choice resulted in a good looking shoe, at least to my eyes, and the fact that they matched my new bike was just dandy.  Cuz’ you know…of course you do..that when your shoes match your bike…well brother, you have arrived.  The Ergologic Insole allows you to adjust the amount of support you want from it.  From the Scott Sport’s website:

Ergologic insole

Our high-end road and mountain shoes all come with a new anatomically designed, adjustable insole. Foot zoning allows us to consider the anatomical shape of the foot and ergonomically pre-shape our insoles for a perfect fit to support the cyclist’s foot. This provides a stable foundation for improved comfort and power transfer. The SCOTT modular footbed allows for adjustments to the rider’s individual needs and preferences. The footbed is designed to maximize performance and comfort:

METATARSAL PAD Reduces forefoot numbness and evenly distributes pressure

ARCH ADJUSTMENT Allows for correct foot alignment and adjusts for individual arch geometry and fit

HEEL CRADLE Increases heel fit and properly aligns the ankle joints during cycling

Ergologic insoleErgologic insole

Weighing the shoes with no cleats attached (SPD in this case), they came in at 928g for the pair.

  • Fit – I was unable to get the correct size for my foot, needing the Shr-alps to be available in a half size, like perhaps a 44.5.  Typically am a 45 in most cycling shoes, so the 44 was too tight at the toes and the 45 was bit loose overall.  The Shr-alps seem to be made on a more full figured last than others, even more roomy than other Scott racing shoes. However, it was not enough to disqualify them for review; rather I mention it for your info on how you might look at sizing.
  • That said, I found the Boa lacing to have enough range to get me comfy in them with no binding or pinching or ugly pressure points.  I think 5 hours or so was the longest time I spent in them.
  • The Ergologic Insole was run as it came out of the box.  I have a very ‘normal’ foot, or so the folks that have measured me for custom orthotics say, so I found this insole to be spot on as it was. It can be adjusted as needed by seeing a Scott shoes dealer for insole options and you can remove the Metatarsal pad and arch adjustments as they are just Velcroed in place.  Slick.
  • The extra coverage at the side of the inner ankle is nice, but it does add a bit of ‘thickness’ at that area so you might get some crankarm rub depending on your foot position.
  • The soles are very soft and quiet when walking in them and I found them to have very good purchase on rocks and in hike-a-bike situations.  The Shr-alp has enough give in the shoe to allow for good comfort when plodding along and the lugs gave me good ‘stick’ when pushing up some steep goat path.
  • IMG_4313They lived in my bike bag for quite a few months, serving me well other than the loose fit.  They seemed to be wearing well, until I killed them on a rock in Sedona. That type of environment is hard on gear, and scrambling and sliding down some crazy rock fall somewhere, I must have done this (see photo to the right).  Talking to Scott about this, they have not had any other complaints with this happening and if they did, it would be a simple warranty issue.  I am taking it as a one-off deal, and possibly part of the risk in having that type of walking/scrambling sole compliance (ie…softer material).

One of the easier trails in Sedona.

Other than that, the Scott Sports Shr-alp is a very smart looking and fitting shoe that is best for all around use, as Scott Sport’s racing shoes would be both lighter and stiffer.  But for the way I use my bike, this type of shoe is keen to have. And if it matches your bike, then all the better.

Suggested retail is $179.99.

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Note: The shoes shown here were provided at no cost to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.