DSC06733We hung out with Scott Bikes a bit the night before Sea Otter and looked at the new Addict Disc cross bike and the new 27.5″ Spark 700 Ultimate Di2.  Yeah, it’s a 27.5″ bike and all, but I am talking about it in this post only to say that this technology (and price point) will be coming to 29″ers at some point, or one would expect so, although I have no absolute info that there will be a big wheeled version of this bike.  Still, it is quite a suite of technology going on here and it is an interesting example of integrating electrical trickery and riding performance.

From the media info:

SCOTT is proud to have co-developed with SHIMANO and FOX for the next generation of bike. The SCOTT Spark 700 Ultimate Di2’s HMX Carbon Fiber frame is one of the lightest full suspension Carbon frames on the market. The Ultimate Di2 comefully equipped with the latest electronic equipment from Shimano, custom FOX eNude Shock with Kashima coating, a FOX iCTD Fork and our newly developed FOX Electronic TwinLoc remote, in combination with Traction Control, allowing for three travel/geometry settings to always optimize your ride. Some of its top featuresinclude:

Integration of 2 electronic systems- XTRDi2 and FOX iCTD
•One battery source for shifting and suspension control
New eNude rear shock with electronic interface for mode changing
3 suspension modes with iCTCD technology including SCOTT’s unique Traction Mode
Electronic evolution of TwinLoc allows for easy and fast switching between 3 modes
•Programmable for different user preferences


Fork: FOX 32 Float Factory iCTD Air, 120mm, Shock: FOX eNude, SCOTT Custom iCTCD, 3 modes: Climb – Traction Control – Descend, Groupset: Shimano XTR Di2, Brakes: Shimano XTR Disc, Components: Syncros FL1.0/XR1.0, Wheels: Syncros XR1.0 Carbon 27.5″


USD 12499

EURO 9799

The SCOTT specific CTCD design, which stands for Climb, Traction Control, Descend, features custom actuators built by Shimano along with an updated rotary switch that is now more precise and ergonomic. Coupled with the Spark Ultimate’s Fox 32 Float Factory iCTD Fork, this 120mm travel XC/Marathon bike can quickly and precisely switch between riding modes in no time- always be ready.

With Shimano’s XTR Di2 shifting system, the control over your ride experience becomes better than ever before. The XTR Di2 derailleurs deliver powerful, accurate and consistent shifting. Its front derailleur provides reliable, fast and smooth gear changes, even under heavy load. Shifting becomes effortless regardless of the terrain with a simple the push of a button.

The brain of the XTR Di2 system is the digital display, which indicates the battery level, gear position, shift mode (manual or Synchro) and the suspension mode. The display also functions as a charging port, connection to the E-tube software (for personal settings) and includes 3 E-tube ports. Di2`s electronic wires are hidden inside the frame.

One of the main advantages of electronic shifting is the programmability of the system. With new XTR Di2 it is possible to have the best shifting setup for every individual riding style. XTR Di2 works on the same E-tube platform as Shimano’s current road Di2 groupsets. The E-tube platform transmits interactive signals and power supply to each individual part by plug & play connection. No doubt, the programmable, customizable, expandable E-tube Di2 platform brings a quantum leap in personalization to mountain biking. Equipped with the XTR Di2, the Spark Ultimate Di2 is going to change the way you ride.

DSC06745 DSC06744 DSC06743

DSC06742 DSC06741 DSC06740

DSC06739 DSC06738 DSC06737

DSC06736 DSC06735 DSC06734

Scott hid the battery for all this into the top tube of the frame, accessible with the removal of two screws. It is a very interesting tour-de-force yet at a very high price, something we will be seeing more of no doubt, as bikes get more technically complicated and more costly.  What price, progress?

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