I have decided to get a hold of a couple more Woodchipper bars and I have some swapping yet to do, but now I have two rigs set up with Woodchipper bars with a third coming soon. I also got one of these in the “regular” flavor. Woodchippers vary from the Moto Ace Woodchippers in that the regular one has a 31.8mm clamp diameter and is made from 7075 T-6 while the Moto Ace Woodchipper has the 25.4mm clamp diameter and is a 6061 aluminum bar.

woodchippermarch 001

The Woodchipper is claimed to weigh in at 332 grams. My example weighed in at 330grams on my digital scale, so that seems right on. A Moto Ace Woodchipper weighs in at 360 grams on my scale versus a claimed 353 grams. Hmm……..seems okay to me. Let’s face it though, you don’t get an off road drop bar because of weight. Still, it’s nice to know that the 31.8mm bar saves you a few grams.

woodchippermarch 003

The Woodchipper bars also come in a 42cm width, but I have chosen 46cm width examples since I wanted to use these off road and wanted maximum leverage. It must be said though that the Woodchipper is really wide! Much wider than the Midge bar, so if you have some close trees or other tight spots on your trails, you may want to go with the 42cm bar.

Gryphon2010 006

The second set of bars went on the Singular Gryphon that is in for test/review here. I’ve had a few rides so far on it as well. The Woodchipper is a forgiving bar in the Moto Ace flavor. It definitely has some give over rough stuff. The sweep of the extensions seems about right to my mind for comfort and helps in getting your elbows out more effectively for slow speed, techy stuff. This manifests itself as leverage which allows better control when the front end gets crazy on my rigid set ups. As the spring time progresses and more trails open up, I hope to explore this a bit more on single track.

ritchey2010 003

One of the questions concerning the 31.8mm Woodchipper is about compatible stems. Salsa makes the Moto Ace in black, but as I was researching stems for the Woodchipper, I came across these Bontrager Race Lite stems available in black, silver, and white for color and in a 40 degree rise. Running a bit lighter weight than a Moto Ace, my example pictured here weighs in at 150 grams. Perfect for the 31.8mm Woodchipper. Several reaches are available as are other rises. It should also be mentioned that IRD also offers some 31.8mm stems in a 30 degree rise. So a good range of 31.8mm stems does exist for these.

Look for more Woodchipper updates in the coming weeks.