Is Rock Shox testing a long travel 29″er fork? Rumors have been whispered that the fork maker would be introducing some sort of long travel 29″er fork for at least two years now. Now there is some evidence that this perhaps is true.


Here is a photo from a thread on showing a Lenz Behemoth fitted with what looks to be a Rock Shox type fork. Note the through axle which looks like a Maxle which would be a dead giveaway that this is a Rock Shox fork. There also appears to be a bulge in the middle of the lowers that is reminiscent of the new SID design and has been seen on the new version of the Reba as well.

No word yet on the internals as the principals involved with the testing are not talking. Typically companies do not develope new damping technologies for their 29″er forks, so it would be fair to assume that the guts are based off some current Rock Shox platform. We are hoping to see some new 29″er product at Sea Otter next week and my feeling is that we will be hearing more about this fork at that time. We are also hearing rumors of a 29 inch version of the SID, as well, so Sea Otter could be chock full of springy news!