Recommendo: Introducing Twenty Nine by Guitar Ted

As many of you long time readers know, our European contributor, c_g, has been busy feeding us all the euro-centric 29″er news as well as testing products that are sold here in North America, and the rest of the world. Now comes the news that c_g will be heading up a German language Twenty Nine Inches. Why a German site? Well, c_g is a native German, and Germany is a very “bike crazy” nation. Why not? 🙂 Here are some thoughts that c_g shared and were instrumental in our approval of his efforts to start up the German language TNI…..

– “For the past years 29″ers have been a novelty here in Europe, but with the model year 2012 they have become mainstream and well established (we like to think partly due to our efforts :)). One reason for me to start the new DE-site is I felt it was time to open up what’s done here on the US-/World-site of to the folks better at my native tongue – German. Thus from now on the German speaking folks all over the world will have the privilege to read 29″er – reviews, news and rumors- in German as well.”

Furthermore, it made sense for TNI to open up this new site since so much of what c_g and his tester/helpers cover is European only, or limited distribution products not seen in North America. The criticisms have been leveled at TNI for allowing such content, and we have taken that into consideration in this decision. Now c_g and company can focus their efforts on the site when it comes to such product, but rest assured that they will be submitting product reviews and news that is pertinent to North Americans and others across the world.

With that said, here is what you readers can expect:
– The site is run by c_g, a long term contributor of the U.S.-/Main-site (who will continue to contribute to the U.S. site as before) – with contributions by Guitar Ted, Grannygear and several other (not yet) regular testers like Banks, M1, …. (and more)
– The site will purposely keep the looks and the philosophy of the established site – because we believe in the way we do it.
– The tests featured in the new site will be run in the established and proven way – down to earth, written by and directed to people passionate about mountain biking in general and 29″ers specifically.
– The content will be parallel to some extent, which is a given, and we will be testing the big brands as well as the small newcomers.

As a early season highlight and to celebrate the “official site launch” we (namely c_g) will bring to you the news about ROCKY MOUNTAIN`s 2013 product launch following this recommendo post, where we were told some new mouth watering 29″er will be introduced.

Not only that, but c_g should have a special ride report on said bike to share afterward.

Also,you can expect to see the coverage of the BIKE Garda Festival, with (hopefully) lots of 29″er news as well, which will follow shortly.

So, check out the new site at and share that with anyone that you think may be interested. We think the German speaking 29’er fans will appreciate it. If you’re wanting to get your site started and online but you have little experience, you can look at the different review and help sites like to finally get your site World Wide.