Viral_3QtrPNK-final_2_galleryDomahidy Designs, as in Steve Domahidy from Niner bikes founding fame, and most recently of the bike brand of the same moniker, is rebranding and tweaking some things with his latest project in the MTB realm, the Pinion based Plus hardtail. Press release as follows:


40% Closeout on remaining Domahidy Designs inventory, Pinion bike re-named Viral Skeptic

Denver, CO – Just a short month ago, Domahidy Designs announced their third mountain bike, a radical departure from their norm, only to follow that announcement up with an even more radical one, the brand would be changing brand names. “The realization came hard and fast,” says Steve Domahidy, the company’s founder “that Domahidy Designs was not working as a brand name. Of course, I believed in Domahidy Designs, but I was also obviously too close to really get that the name was limiting the brand’s potential.” In a flash of clarity after attending the Sedona Mountain Bike festival in Arizona, Domahidy came to the realization that in order to truly let the brand thrive, it would have to find a new name. “So I came home with a new fire and got to work.” Domahidy worked through a dozen or so names before focusing his attention on Viral Bikes. “Something about Viral spoke to me. I liked that it was short and easy to remember. I liked the way it looked and I liked the idea that now, behind a new identity, this new bike line could truly go Viral.” This would mean he was going to have to change the name of the business and perhaps set up some new offices around the globe under the new name, but Domahidy knew this was easily done while online with options such as Your Virtual Office London and the many others that could help him set up a virtual office address in various locations.



In what might be perfect timing for the new brand, Domahidy is launching Viral Bikes with the Pinion All- Mountain bike, now aptly named the ‘Skeptic’. “This bike is an incredible bike, and I know that it’s the perfect platform to launch Viral Bikes from,” says Domahidy “and we took it one step further, dug into our geometry based on some of the recurring comments from the launch of the Pinion bike, and tweaked our geometry slightly.” The Skeptic will have a one degree steeper seat tube angle, which will increase the reach of the bike on each size as well as increasing the wheelbase and front and center.

The Viral Skeptic can be pre-ordered with a later pre-order deadline of April 31 for a now late-summer delivery. In addition to the geometry changes, Viral has added a size XL to the line. “Based on the incoming interest in the Pinion Bike, and the amount of asks for a size XL, it was a no-brainer to add it to the line,” Domahidy concludes as he just finished speaking over having to grow the “new” brand again entirely, mainly talking about their social media accounts and the use of services found on and similar websites in order to gain considerable audience growth. Due to the feedback online, Viral Bikes are now welding and testing the new geometry and size XL changes.

The Skeptic pre-order will still come with a free set of Industry 9 Backcountry 27.5+ wheels (or 29″ Industry 9 Trail wheels), and the consumer will have the opportunity to choose spoke/hub color combination once the order has been confirmed. The Skeptic is finished off with a unique front triangle paint scheme in either Hot Pink or Metallic Brown. In addition to the wheels, and carrying on with the Domahidy Designs giveback program, every Viral frame will come with a one year IMBA membership, paid for by Viral, and a free pair of IMBA socks.

As Domahidy Designs now winds down the brand name, all remaining inventory must go and everything is priced to sell. Brand new frames are 40% off and demo bikes or graphics samples that are still production quality are anywhere from 50-60% off original retail prices. All bikes, whether demo or new, will still come with a lifetime warranty. “In some cases, we will hold on to some Domahidy Designs inventory for warranty purposes, but rest assured that anybody who purchases a Domahidy Designs

frame will still be backed up by our incredible customer service and we’ll do the best we can should anything come up regarding your Domahidy Designs frame.”



Viral Bikes is a brand new company whose sole mission is to create the best riding bikes on the planet and deliver them to you in a way that absolutely exceeds your expectations. Not too lofty, right? How does a small company do that, especially with the big dogs and their unlimited resources? By being smart, working smart, and devoting every single decision to ‘how can I make this bike or the consumers experience better?’ We scrutinize, break, redo, remake, and try again. We agonize over the little things, even something as trivial as the angle or placement of a cable guide. Nothing is too small and no detail is overlooked. Our goal is lofty, but our dedication shows through on every Viral Bikes product we sell. We want to maximize your experience from beginning to end, and redefine how the industry and the consumer interact. Viral is about the ride, but it’s also about the infectious way you are treated from the moment you call to the moment you receive your brand new Viral Bike, and past that in the way that we take care of you, should you ever have a question, concern, or issue.

At Viral Bikes, the design means everything, but so do you. We want to create a revolution around our brand, and build a culture that includes every single one of you, our customers, as a member of our very Viral family. We hope you come along for the ride, it’s going to be a fun one!


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