I think every year since Raleigh has done 29″ers, Twenty Nine Inches has enjoyed a pretty genial relationship with the marketing wonks up there in Seattle. We have been graced once again by Brian Fornes of Raleigh with these sneak peeks of the 2011 Raleigh XXIX and XXIX+G bikes. Let’s take a look!


First up we have the XXIX, Raleigh’s single speed bike first introduced in 2007. Look closely and you’ll notice a couple of striking details. One: There is no paint on the frame or fork. It is clear coated raw metal. Brian Fornes told me it is the “nothing to see here” finish. Secondly, you’ll notice the belt drive. Yep! The XXIX will come stock with a Gates Carbon Drive belt and cogs stock.


Look at those TIG weld beads! Showing off the handiwork, warts and all.


The bike has some “faux rivet” looking decals and a militaristic theme to some of the other decals. All of these are pretty subtle though.


Here’s a look at the split seat stay. It’s a necessity when running a belt drive so the belt can be installed around the frame.


The down tube decal and another look at the raw tubing. The XXIX will be fitted with green anodized hubs, head set, and seat collar. The rims will be polished aluminum, and the brakes will be mechanical Avid models. The split shell EBB returns as well. All this for approximately a grand. Exact MSRP wasn’t given yet.


Here’s a look at the XXIX+G model. Highlights include a Shimano Dyna-Sys 10 speed group, a Fox fork with 15QR front through axle, and Shimano hydraulic brakes in a special white color.


The same, “Nothing To See Here” finish applies for the geared variant in the XXIX line.


That’s a pretty wild looking San Marco saddle there!


15QR continues to make inroads. Note the six bolt Shimano rotor and red anodized hubs.


Bombs away!


The white Shimano calipers really pop off the gray steel, as does any place the bike has braze ons.


The XXIX+G will also have polished rims, the red anodized highlights, and will likely be a bit more spendy than the 2010 model, given the upgrades in spec. We haven’t gotten any MSRP’s yet, so stay tuned for that. We also are awaiting word on a possible XXIX Pro or any other aluminum framed models, such as Raleigh had for 2010.

These XXIX models retain the geometry from last year. Although Raleigh has heard the calls for a return to the non-suspension corrected fork that the ’07 model was spec’ed with, and Brian Fornes said that the idea was kicked around, they are sticking with the suspension corrected steel fork as stock for the time being.

Thanks to Raleigh U.S.A. and Brian Fornes for the images and info.