Brian Fornes, Raleigh U.S.A’s “Marketing Guy”, has shared a couple more tidbits on the 2011 29″er line up at Raleigh. Here we will have a couple of images straight out of the catalog pages, so spec will appear in the images, which you can click on to make larger.

talus sport

Here is a new model in the Raleigh line up, the Talus Sport. It is an aluminum frame, just like the higher spec Talus, and features an Alivio group with ProMax mechanical disc brakes. I don’t have a MSRP, but this will be solidly in the “sub-grand” category.

Talus 29

Here is the Talus, the up-spec’ed model from the Talus Sport, which features a Deore drive train and shifters with Tektro hydraulic brakes and a Sun Tour fork with lock out. This bike should clock in somewhere just under a grand or so, but again, MSRP’s are not in at this time.

In more 29″er news from Raleigh, the XXIX Pro, which was the limited edition frame made from Reynolds 853 and produced with super high end components in a very limited number will not be back for 2011. Brian Fornes tells us they are making way for something else which he didn’t let on about……yet! We’ll update when news is available. Finally, we’re working on getting in a XXIX with the belt drive for a test/review. Stay tuned for that………….

Thanks again to Raleigh and Brian Fornes for the images and info!