We reported to you about this new “alt bar” offering in this post a while back. Now Twenty Nine Inches has received a Carnegie’s Bar for testing and I have bolted it to the Salsa Big Mama for a bit. Here is a quick look at the bar and some initial impressions on the new offering from Ragley.

sept09 080
Just shy of 28 inches wide overall, the Carnegie’s Bar should be plenty wide for most folks. (Gotta clean the table!)

Pertinent info follows: (From Brant hisself)
Width is 685mm tip to tip, but puts your hands effectively in the same
position as my old 700mm wide bar. Geometry is 25deg sweep with a 33mm forward
wiggle to keep the controls in the right sort of place. It nominally has a 38mm
rise, though this is lessened a bit when you angle the bar back and down for

sept09 086
Yeah, yeah……my hydraulic hoses need trimming, so what. Pay attention to the bar, ya’all!

Thoughts So Far: 310 grams is a decent weight for a bar you can hammer on. Very comfy bend. A bit less than a FuBar, but otherwise these two bars are very similar in layout. I like the 31.8mm clamp for something like this because with as much back sweep as these types of bars have, you need a great grip on that bar with the stem. Bigger clamp diameter equals more clamping surface area which gives me peace of mind. Plus Brant tests the livin’ daylights out of his stuff, so I don’t have to worry. Good deal.

I’ll have more on the Carnegie’s Bar later, but first I have Interbike. Look for exclusive Interbike coverage from myself and Grannygear starting next Monday from Bootleg Canyon!