The Ragley Carnegie’s Bar is an “alt bar” for aggressive riding that I introduced here, and did a First Impressions post on here. Now that I have trail tested the bar for awhile, I am ready to give my final thoughts on the Carnegie’s.

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The bar was on my Salsa Cycles Big Mama for the entire testing period. I used it mostly for single track rides in varying conditions. Handle bars are one of those components that are personal, and when you find a bar that works, it doesn’t really need much attention afterward if it is doing the job of steering your bike and letting you ride how you want to. Such was the case with the Carnegie’s Bar. For my intentions and preferences, this handle bar is top of the heap.

The Carnegie’s Bar is stiff. You won’t find it to be compliant, and with aggressive riding, you really don’t want that in a handle bar anyway. The Carnegie’s points your front wheel where ever you want with authority, and without a hint of flex. This also comes in rather handy when things get hot and heavy in technical situations. The Carnegie’s delivers control here as well. The sweep is just right for my arms, wrists, and hands. Not too much sweep that it interferes with turning or control, and not too little that it is just trying to mimic a traditional riser. Speaking of riser bars, the Carnegie’s has a bit of rise, which I found to be okay with my set up. If that amount gets in the way on a 29″er, usually you have the option of swapping out a couple of spacers, or you could run the Carnegie’s upside down.

So, what’s not to like? Well, I had enough room to get my controls right…….but just that. Maybe some “wiggle room” by allowing a bit of cuttable extra width might be nice in the future, but the Carnegie’s should be wide enough for most folks. Perhaps an optional silver anodized hue? But really, if you want “alt bar” and big hit control, it doesn’t get much better than this. In fact, as far as I am concerned- it doesn’t. Other “alt bars” are just not up to the task.

Conclusions: Bottom line: If you want more sweep in a trail worthy bar, you really don’t have many choices. The Carnegie’s Bar delivers with toughness, good looks, and a great design that functions well for aggressive riding. It might be a tad narrow if you like really wide bars, but otherwise the Carnegie’s Bar should be on your radar. Bonus: I am hearing a version with an upside down logo and something in a “black” alternative to aluminum is on the horizon for the Carnegie’s Bar. Stay tuned………….