In my last update on Project Wheel Build, I detailed the spokes, spoke nipples, and the tubeless kit with tires that will eventually go on these wheels. (See last post here.) Now it is time to unveil the wheels completed and talk about specs and how the rims, spokes, and hubs worked together during the build process. First, let’s take a look at what I ended up with here.

Appearance: Overall, the look of the wheels is nice, I think. The combination of the American Classic “Alphatype” graphics and WTB’s Frequency graphics worked together like they were designed that way. Tying it all together are the DT Swiss red anodized nipples which bring out the red in the other components well. But looks are one thing. If the wheels do not perform well, it doesn’t matter how good the wheels look! That’s what the testing hopefully will bring out here.

The Build: A few notes on the wheel build as it related to the WTB Frequency rims: The rims seemed to be pretty “average” as far as feel as they came up to tension. I did have to chase an out of round condition out of one of them, but it wasn’t hard to do. Otherwise the rims held tension rather well, were straight and true for most of the process, and spoke tensions were spot on. I like to build to about 110kgf, but that’s me. Some builders go higher, but I don’t see the need, and my wheels I build up for myself and others seem to be fine. Even spoke tensions are important to me though, and I can happily say that these built up really well in that way.

Overall, I would give the WTB Frequency rims a thumbs up from a wheel builder’s viewpoint. They really didn’t pose any significant difficulties as far as lacing and bringing the wheels up to tension. Actually, the “4D” drilling technology made lacing these just that little bit easier. I also feel that this technical aspect of the Frequency rims aided in stress relieving the spokes also.

Final Weight: Ahh…….what everyone is probably waiting for- the final weight of these wheels. Well, the rear wheel came out to weighing 970 grams and the front weighed in at 850 grams. Total equals 1820 grams for the set. This may seem like a lot, but I am keeping in mind here that these are all-around wheels-not XC racing wheels. My expectations are that I will be able to use these wheels across a wide range of bicycles and riding styles with little regard for “being careful” with them, so this weight actually is just fine for me and my intentions. It also is maybe a good thing to keep in mind that it wasn’t long ago that XC racing 29″er wheels weighed about the same as these do! Add in that I have 32 “normal” spokes as opposed to the typical 28 or less spoke count wheels we normally see now days and I think this adds a bit of levity to the comparisons here.

Conclusions: So for now, I have found the experience of building up my own set of 29″er wheels to be a success for my intentions. How will they actually perform in the wild? That will be answered soon, hopefully, as I have begun to set up the tires and have chosen the initial bike they will get mounted to for their maiden voyage. Right now I feel the weight is well within reason, the inner width of these rims is pleasing and should give the WTB Bronson tires a good foundation to work off of. They will be set up tubeless with the provided WTB sealant, tape, and valves as well. The American Classic hubs, I know from personal experiences, (and that of c_g, and now, Grannygear), are reliable and super smooth rolling. I have high expectations for those components. Finally, the spokes and nipples are components I can rely on, are proven, and as “standardized” as it gets. I was really pleased with the DT Swiss products from a build standpoint.

Stay tuned as I will be beginning to ride these wheels soon. Look for a “First Impressions” post coming in a couple weeks.

Note: WTB and American Classic sent over components for this wheel build at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. The DT Swiss products were purchased separately by Guitar Ted. We are not being paid, nor bribed for this review, and I will strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout.