GT living in the heart of a graveled world.

I do not recall the exact date, but it seems like only yesterday that I was standing in the Salsa booth at Interbike speaking with fellow Blogger Jason B. when I mentioned that I read Guitar Ted’s blog too. With a point of his hand, I was directed to a guy standing nearby with white mutton chops, knickers, and a messenger bag. And that was how it all began. That was when I met Guitar Ted for the first time. It was a fated day, for certain, and looking back on these past few years, I am certain that I am the better for it.

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Guitar Ted is moving on to a new path, one made from gravel and will be passing the torch of leadership regarding all things 29 to us that remain and we will be posting more about that later on. In his leaving, he passes on a legacy in that we will strive to be worthy of. I have never worked with a more humble man or a wiser one. His perspective on the industry, on new technologies and trends, and simply on that marvelous thing we call the bicycle was a steadying influence and a welcome one.

We only saw each other once a year at Interbike when I would pick him up at the Vegas airport. What a recognizable figure he is…the crowds got nothin’ on him. We never had a contract or a salary agreement or anything other than a handshake and a common desire to ride 29″ wheeled bikes, talk about them openly and honestly, and get as many folks as we could on big wheels. If one person was reading or 1000,000 it was all the same to us.

So, not a eulogy…it’s not like he has died…he has just gone to Iowa…but a note to say thanks for all you did for big wheeled riders all over. You will always have an open hook in the garage for your bike.

Your friend,



Being the “European Contributor for twentynineinches”, I have always had a somewhat remote position within TNI. In fact I have never even met Guitar Ted in person, yet since 2009 we have established more than just a working relationship but one of mutual trust and understanding. That is anything but granted in this world.

It would be far out of the scope of this little farewell to describe the many conversations and e-mail exchanges we have had over the years, but two things stand out to me most when thinking about the rider and blogger Guitar Ted – his humbling wisdom in staying true to his beliefs and values and his profound knowledge of all things related to mountain bikes and particularly 29ers.

It wasn’t GT who first introduced, but it was his personality and style of conducting reviews that have shaped the site profoundly and have turned it into a place where interested readers can turn to for honest and detailed reviews that answer real world riders’ questions. This is what had drawn me to when I first stumbled across it in 2007/8 and what immediately got me hooked. After a while of being a passive reader, I knew that this was how I wanted to see bike reviews conducted, read about them … and eventually conduct them myself.

Now more than half a decade of being with and with 29ers being firmly established in almost very bike category and all around the world, it is a bit sad to see Guitar Ted seeing “his mission accomplished” for the 29er world, saying goodbye to this site and going on to face new endeavors with things related to Gravel Riding. It takes a rare quality of character and personality to acknowledge when it is time to move on and start something new and GT sure has this quality. GG, I, and the rest of the wish him all the very best in this and all his other endeavors.

Personally the experience of working with GT over the last years here at TNI has left me with many good memories which have enriched me in many ways.

Thank you GT for being the great person and rider you are … if ever you decide to take the flight over to Germany and explore our trails, you will always find a 29er bike to ride and have a riding buddy here ready to share some good trail time with you!


GT 2013

GT at Interbike Demo Days 2013

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