I have had time finally to mount up the Intense Tire Systems Stickey Lite 29″er shoes on a set of Bontrager Rhythm wheels. The rims are 28mm wide for reference.

Stickey  Lite 29

Side view of the Intense tire on a Rhythm rim

The tires have a rather rounded profile on this rim. I would expect that on a narrower, race type rim set up, it would be even more pronounced. You can see how low the knobs are and the ramped center tread area.

Comparison to a Dry X

Here is a comparison to a Dery X mounted on a 23mm wide rim. As you can see, (sorry for the slightly out of focus shot!) the Dry X is a bit wider. I measured the casing on the EX-2 at 51.2mm and the outer knob to outer knob width at 53.7mm.

I’ll be getting out on these soon…….as soon as the rain stops!