Guitar Ted's OS Bikes Blackbuck- driveside

Here is the finished build of the OS Bikes Blackbuck that Twenty Nine Inches will be testing soon. ( As soon as our trails clear up!) I thought I would post up these images so that everyone could see just what we’ve got to work with here.

Guitar Ted's OS Bikes Blackbuck- non-driveside

The build itself went without incident. The frame was very well finished, no burrs or funky problems with threads or with the EBB either.

Again, to remind everyone, we will be using this as a test sled for determining the effects of different forks on the handling of one 29″er. In this case, it is the Blackbuck. It is a particular interesting choice in that OS Bikes sells it with a Reba fork in the complete bike package or with a rigid, non-suspension corrected fork if you want with the frame only option.

I chose to transfer over my On One Superlight Carbon fork over to the Blackbuck first. This was done so that I can become familiarized with the Blackbucks traits and not have to wonder about the steering since the geometry will be very near to what it was with the Inbred that the fork was on previously.

After the initial “get to know you” phase is out of the way, I’ll then mount up the Blackbuck rigid fork and do a comparison. I’ll also be swapping out to a Reba and an RST M-29 as the testing continues.

Stay tuned for more updates as the trails thaw out and I get to riding this off road.