Recently our comments section reflected a desire on some folks part to see a “short” travel, Trail oriented 29″er. Ironically, here we have an announcement by U.K. mountain bike brand Orange Mountain Bikes concerning a new bike that may just fit the description many of you have for such a bike. The Segment. See if this may be what would work by reading the following from Orange….


Orange Mountain Bikes Segment RS model

The Segment. Divides opinions. Conquers trails.

Designed to be the fastest all-rounder we could make, the Segment takes preconceptions about what is possible on a short travel bike and pulls them apart.

A 120/110mm travel 29er that can ride way beyond its travel figure, the Segment balances its inherent big-wheel unflappability with a taught and playful ride that encourages you to let it go faster, both up and down. With its low-slung stance and the kind of angles more often found on longer travel bikes the Segment is the short travel bike that can, and does.

Commentary: You can review the geometry below, and yes…….apparently there are only two sizes on offer. No matter, since Orange Mountain Bikes are not distributed much beyond the European Union and Australia. However, it is the concept as a 29″er which we find intriguing. Using slacker geometry, a lower bottom bracket, and suspension travel more often associated with a XC racing full suspension bike than with a burly trail rig.

In our review of the Salsa Spearfish, (seen here), Grannygear touches on some of the short travel rear suspension traits and seems to think it may be the “Goldilocks” full suspension choice: Not long and burly like a bike with 140mm travel, but obviously more comfortable and controllable than a hard tail. Could the trail bike geometry matched with this shorter travel really be the type of 29″er full suspension bike most of us should be riding? Can the bigger wheels combine with an efficient suspension design to make it all feel like a longer travel bike? Those are the questions we have here. What do you think? Hit the comments with your thoughts.


Orange Bikes

Segment Geometry

Segment Geometry
Frame Size M L
Seat Tube Length 17″ 19″
A. Head Angle 67.5° 67.5°
B. Seat Angle (Actual) 71.5° 71.5°
B. Seat Angle (Effective) 74° 74°
C. Top Tube 569 589
D. Top Tube (effective) 600 620
E. BB Height (from ground) 375 375
BB height (from axles -40 -40
F. Chainstay 450 450
G. Head Tube 110 110
H. Wheel base 1157 1177
J. Reach 424 444
K. Stack 612 612
Standover 732 757
Unless otherwise indicated all measurements are in mm. Frame angles are measured static, without rider sag. Bottom bracket height measured from ground with 750 mm Ø tyre.