This coming weekend in Portland, Oregon, at the Oregon Convention Center, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, (or NAHBS for short), will take place. There is much anticipation for this years show as the event has been sold out of exhibitor space and has increased in attendance and media coverage greatly in the last few years.

Amongst all the handmade jewels of two wheeled goodness, Crooked Cog’s own Richard “Fritz” Masoner will be stalking the aisleways for all the cool 29″er goodness. You can read his preview for Commute By Bike concerning NAHBS here.

For an early sneek peek at what kind of 29″er goodness I’m talking about, check out this pic from Bike Radar’s show preview coverage.

The bike is an Independant Fabrications “Roadster” 29″er single speed made from a combination of titanium and carbon fiber. Your paper boy never had a bike this blingle-riffic, that’s for sure! And note the XT 29″er hoops that were rumored at Interbike. As I surmised then, these will probably beat the original August date for sale that Shimano reps were originally told. Looking more closely, you will also notice a single speed XTR style crankset. With as many “hack” jobs on the previous generation XT and XTR that showed up on single speeds in the last few years, and with SRAM’s introduction of a Noir SS crankset, could it be that the “Big S” is going to offer this as a single speed crank? Well, if so, they had better offer a 180mm length! That’s for sure.

Look for more coverage here and on Commute By Bike starting this weekend and analysis to follow.