rip9 carbon

The New RIP9 Carbon

Slotted in between the top-o-da-heap, full carbon RDO models of the popular RIP9 and JET9, are the new Niner Bikes RIP9 Carbon and JET9 Carbon.  Taking a ‘half-caff’ approach, the fronts are carbon, though there is no mention of the level of construction…less than RDO Carbon Compaction, one would assume, and the rear triangles are aluminum.  It is a good approach that allows for a more budget friendly build while still keeping the carbon where it can do the most good.

As well there is a new EMD9, a 7005 alloy aluminum hard tail slotted below the hydroformed AIR9 in cost at a one build, complete bike only cost of $1499.00.

For more details, head over to the Niner Bikes website where all will be revealed.

jet9 carbon

The new JET9 Carbon


The New Niner EMD9