Hey- Everyone wants some nice, shiny new 29’er stuff for Christmas, right? Okay, well, I can’t give you the real thing, but I can give you some news and rumors. Sorry! I am not Santa Claus!


Santa Cruz Hard Tail 29″er: They aren’t giving up much on this one over at their blog, but here is an image of a rig that they hint will be out next spring sometime.

DSC02097DSC02083 Again, we can only guess, but the images look promising for short-ish chain stays and obviously, the weight is pretty outstanding. The lines are reminiscent of the Tall Boy which makes sense. Looks like an XC rocket ship with big wheels here and we’ll be keeping tabs on this development next year.


Black Cat Bone: We received some information regarding an unusual fork and a titanium lugged carbon fiber framed 29’er from this Spanish based company. The single legged carbon and aluminum fork weighs under 700 grams. The brake mounts will be interchangeable from International Standard to post mount. The titanium/carbon frame will end up having a BB30 bottom bracket, post mount brake standard, and 430mm chain stays. Items can be seen at their website here and are supposed to be available after the New Year.

VooDoo Bokor, Nakisi Stem, And New Rigid Fork: VooDoo sent us some images revealing their new items now available through your local bike shops that deal with BTI.


The frame is the new aluminum Bokor 29 which will retail at $399.00. It is suspension corrected for a 100mm fork. The fork, shown here, is 500mm axle to crown, made from ChroMo steel, and as seen above, clears a pretty fat tire!

interbike2010 221

And here is the Nakisi stem which is available now. It is a high rise/short reach stem intended to get drop bars up high enough for off roading on frames with level, or slightly sloping top tubes.

That’s all for this edition. We’ll keep digging and checking for more……