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Salsa Cycles “El Mariachi Tandem”

(Prototype tandem from Salsa Cycles: image from Salsa Cycles site)

Salsa Cycles, in a surprise announcement, just put up on their site a concept for a tandem bicycle with 29 inch wheels. Stressing that this is strictly a prototype, Salsa is soliciting ideas from potential customers on the project. No time line was given on when a final production bike might, if ever, be produced. The bike has some unique features as shown: Same side timing chain/drive chain layout, Altenator drop outs, (presumably for single speed use), and 135mm rear drop out spacing. Whether or not any of these features is included in a final design is not known, but it is an interesting exercise in what could be.

Airborne Bikes Shows A 29″er Prototype:

Airborne Bikes is back and now will have a 29″er again as shown here. (image from Twitter)

Airborne Bikes, the direct to consumer bicycle company known for their titanium rigs in the late 90’s is back again. They were an early supporter of 29 inch wheels in their old incarnation, and now that they have arisen from the ashes, we have heard that they will now have a 29″er hard tail in the line up once again. This is supposedly close to the final version and is said to be spec’ed at a competitive level to a Fisher Collection X-Cal.

Velocity USA Introduces A 15QR Hub- Convertible Hubs To Come

ATB 15mm 1ATB 15mm 2

Twenty Nine Inches recently reviewed the P-35 rim from Velocity USA, which was built up on a set of hubs from Velocity. (Review can be seen here) In that review I was quoted by Velocity as saying: “The only thing I would suggest is for Velocity U.S.A. to consider developing a front hub that is convertible from 9mm QR to 15QR, to 20mm through axle.” They responded with: “Noted and for the past few months we have been exploring and considering a hub to do just that, convert. We are still in the process of development on a convertible hub but we are pleased to announce a new hub in the mean time.”

That hub is the new “15mm Thru Axle Disc Hub”. Here are the technical highlights from Velocity USA’s blog:

_ 252 grams
_ Offered in 32 hole drillings
_ 6 Bolt Disc Compatible
_ Japanese 6805RU Sealed Bearings
_ As always, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

“As always, this can be handbuilt into any of our rims, to your exact specifications right here in Grand Rapids, MI and available through your local bike shop, contact them for pricing and availability.”

And Finally….

Look for a special announcement regarding a World Exclusive on Twenty Nine Inches concerning a release of new 29″er bicycles and accessories from a well respected marque in the 29″er world soon here on this site. 😉