A few press releases crossed our desks today. Here you go.  More details at Sea Otter I imagine as well as some brief hands on.



AVAILABLE: July 2015

CenterLine X rotors are the lighter-weight version of SRAM’s quiet, smooth and robust CenterLine rotors, featuring a two-piece design with an alloy center and steel brake track.

Diameter: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm

Hub interface: 6-bolt, Center Lock

Aluminum carrier

Steel CenterLine brake track

Color options (aluminum center): Black

Weight: 86g (140mm), 102g (160mm), 125g (180mm)

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The SRAM Guide brake family introduced a new standard for mountain bike brakes through rigorous design and testing, and has been proven at the highest levels of competition in the Enduro World Series and with downhill World Cup wins. With its completely new, 4-piston S4 caliper, SwingLink lever cam, and carbon lever blade, the 360-gram Guide Ultimate stands alone as the new leader in its class. It has been engineered to be light and powerful, with superior heat management capabilities, which give you better, more consistent, more reliable braking. The new caliper design also incorporates a re-designed seal and aluminum piston interface for ease of setup and improved consistency, while Bleeding Edge technology makes bleeding Guide Ultimate a quick and easy task.

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sram cut 3WHAT’S NEW:

  • S4 caliper
    • Consistency and easy setup
    • Heat management
    • Bleeding Edge™ technology
  • Carbon lever blade
  • Titanium hardware
  • Proven Guide lever design featuring Swinglink, Timing Port Closure
  • Tool-free Contact Point and Reach Adjust
  • Aluminum caliper and lever body
  • Lever pivot bearing
  • Compatible with current SRAM Guide brake pads
  • Colors: Arctic Grey Ano and Black Ano
  • Weight: 360g (front brake, includes rotor, hose, clamp, adapter and all bolts)


  • sram cut 4The all-new S4 Caliper features four machined and Moly-coated aluminum pistons for consistent rollback and easy set-up, improved heat management features and Bleeding Edge porting and adapter technology for easy bleeds.
  • Pistons diameter: two 14mm and two 16mm pistons for power and modulation
  • New seals, gland geometry and piston coating for improved rollback, results in easier setup and improved consistency.
  • Heat Management: enlarged pad pocket, piston insulators and Heat Shield reduce operating temperature and minimize heat transfer to the caliper body.
  • Bleeding Edge: new bleeding adapter and porting for quick, mess-free bleeding.


sram cut 5The S4 caliper features completely redesigned seals, pistons and gland geometry that ensure consistent piston rollback. This translates into:

  • Easy setup: less time required to achieve proper caliper alignment and pad retraction for drag-free performance.
  • Consistency: precise piston rollback guarantees a constant lever feel and contact point in all situations.


sram cut 6Aluminum heat shields breaks the thermal connection between the pad and caliper body.

Reduces caliper fluid temperature
by about 20C even in the most extreme testing conditions.

Patent pending.


Insulator integrated in the piston.

Phenolic pad interface: phenolic compound reduces heat transfer from the pads to the piston thus reducing fluid operating temperature.

Aluminum seal interface: consistent finish and reduced seal wear.


More air flow through the caliper to reduce heat:

Pad pocket is 2mm wider than the standard Guide caliper.

Pad pocket length is increased to expose full length of brake pads to air flow.


sram cut 7New bleed porting and fluid path make it easier to push fluid through the caliper for quick and easy bleeding.

Dedicated bleed adapter for the S4 caliper plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss.

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And now from Fox suspension:

fox cut 10Changes were announced for2016 in the Fox Float 34 fork and the Float DPS rear shock.

One key update is that the production version 34 FLOAT has 22 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment in Open mode.  There will be more info at Sea Otter, so this new 34 fork looks great.  Coming in 29″ wheel sizes as well as 27.5, it sheds over a half pound from model year 2015.  This just might be the killer app fork for light weight trail bikes that are pushing a Fox 32 around a bit but found the extra heft of a Fox 34 a bit of a weight hit.

Pricing and availability:
2016 FACTORY 34 FLOAT FIT4 fork – $875
2016 FACTORY FLOAT DPS shock – $450
Available May, 2015

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