Editors Note: Crooked Cog’s own Richard “Fritz” Masoner attended the 2008 NAHBS held in Portland, Oregon and shot the following pic. He also brings us the following report. Thanks!

DeSalvo's BMX inspired 29

Here’s Mike De Salvo with a 29er he built up special for a customer. Says De Salvo:

“I built this SE Quadangle inspired 29 inch singlespeed mountain bike at a special request of a customer. As a kid he coveted the SE Quadangle BMX. A bully living on his block had one, and told the customer that if he ever got one also, he’d beat him up! I’ll bet the bully won’t want to run into my customer on the trails today now that he’s grown to 6’6″ and 300 lbs!”

Thanks Fritz. Great story. I’m sure this bike will bring miles of smiles for Mike’s customer and the BMX aesthetic is really cool.

That will most likely close out our coverage of NAHBS from a 29″er standpoint, but look for Fritz’s coverage of the main theme of the show- commuter and utilitarian bikes- on Commute By Bike.