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A Summer Recommendo- by Grannygear

Every now and then you come across a product that makes the cycling experience better, whether that is for bike or for body. This past year I have been using some things that might not be a full review on their own, but when combined are a grab bag of goodies for summer and beyond.

Active Face Stick SPF30 – By Beyond Coastal Sun Care.

face stickI got one of these as a sample at a ride last year, (it was in the schwag bag), and did not use it right away. But when I needed some sunscreen to use on a ride, I remembered I had put it in my Ogio gear bag and I used it for the first time. Since then it has been my favorite choice for keeping the sun off my face from the West Coast to the Rockies. It stays on my skin well and does not sweat off easy. It does not seem to run into my eyes or if it does, it does not burn as much as others. The easy applicator is just the right size for a pack or jersey pocket and it allows you to apply it without taking gloves off, etc. This makes for easy re-applications during long rides. There seems to be a good focus on natural ingredients too. My only issue has been fear of using up the sample, but I just solved that by ordering a few more. Good to go.

Sport Legs – Hurt less…maybe.

sport legsIt was years ago that I grabbed a sample of Sport Legs from some bike show somewhere. I tried them, but only half heartedly, as I did not have enough product to ‘do it right‘. I took them, went riding, and did not see much of a difference. Meh! So recently, while riding a charity century road ride with Mrs. Grannygear, she was really having a tough day. Dead legs. Nothing to give. At a lunch stop, we were talking with a couple that mentioned Sport Legs as something that might help. They actually had some extra capsules that we accepted and my wife gave them a try. Within an hour, she was pulling hills faster and felt much better. Huh. Magic or just magic beans from the placebo plant? Either way, considering she reacted like this to the capsules I thought I’d be a kind and gentle husband and treat her to a nice relaxing bath once we finished our charity ride, especially as I heard about products similar to these wholesale round bath bombs that contain CBD! CBD has been known to minimize pain, muscle soreness, and achy bones, perfect for the wife once we’d finished for the day!

So the wife ordered a full bottle of the capsules and I did some internet research on Sport Legs. Wow, talk about controversy! Seldom are there fence sitters over whether this product works or not. ‘Experts’ weigh in for both the yea and the nay, and it seems there are enough poo-poohs and rah-raahs among the general cycling force to make it a toss up. So I gave it a serious try, followed the directions on the label, and went riding over a couple month period. Put me on the “yes it works” side of the fence. What I did not notice was supercharged performance or pain free riding. What I have consistently noticed is less leg fatigue, more effort before leg burn does happen, and the ability to repeat a hard effort sooner during a ride. It is not night and day, but it is there none the less. And while you might say I might have swallowed the kool-aid and this is all my imagination, what I have also noticed is a big lessening in DOMS symptoms. I normally have chronic sore legs if I have been riding a lot, and even though I products similar to private label nutra, the massage roller is a suffer-fest to try and work through that. Even though I have been riding quite hard lately in prep for some endurance events, it took a 50 mile road ride with multiple, hard, hard, max heart rate efforts to failure before I felt sore the next day. Not crippled, just sore. That is not my imagination. I might not know if I am really faster, but I do know if I am sore or not. Oh well, it’s nothing some massage oils can’t sort out.

Camelbak Elixir – Fizzy Lifting Drink

elixirThese were tossed into a shipment from Camelbak as a perk to a pack review and I did the same thing as with the other freebies…in the drawer they went after a cursory trial run. But this past year I have really come to like them for my main electrolyte needs, although I still supplement with Elete for that. The flavors are good, even when the water is warm, and the big, “Alka-Seltzer” looking tablets in the cardboard tubes are super easy to carry and dispense…no baggies of powder to deal with…and so far they had been getting me through hot and long days. They also do not seem to tend to grow ugly things in your water bottle, although I am pretty careful about that, and wash them after a ride. Only water (and maybe Elete) goes in my hydration pack. As a professional perspirer, these get my vote.

Note: Initial samples may or may not have been no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review, but subsequent product has been purchased at retail for personal use. We are not being bribed nor paid for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.