Okay, as you know, I try to keep up on all the crazy “alt bar” madness out there but since the advent of the modern 29″er and now the “urban hipster bicycle” thing, the category has gone completely berserk. So I am indebted to Peter Keiller of Misfit Psycles for alerting me of the presence of this new bar. Dubbed the “FME” bar, (don’t ask, I can’t publish it!), this is a sort of “drop bar/FuBar” cross. What came out of that is rather interesting on several levels.



Here is what Peter had to say about the new bar and a few specs as well.

“Mountain drop…multi-use…for MTB (hydraulic) levers and not mech roadie things. est. msrp 40$

Width: Measured 640mm
Center: Measured 130mm
Sweep: Measured 42deg
Drop: Measured 66mm
Grip: Measured 195mm
Weight: Actual 336g

Basically drops for people that don’t use drops.
Basically the uber popular FU bar on 3″ dropping steroids.”

My initial reaction is that monster crossers, folks wanting to try drop bars off road but not digging the options, and Salsa Cycles Fargo owners all would be target users of this bar. The mountain bike controls you have will work with this bar, and that is a huge deal for many folks right there. No futzing with road levers and being limited to mechanical disc brakes. Nice! Look for this bar to be available in October.

Thanks to Peter of Misfit Psycles for the info and images.