In the realm of longer travel 29″er suspension forks, Manitou made their DH fork named the Dorado available in a travel reduced form for 29″ers in 2009. Now with the introduction of the 2010 Dorado, the fork has been made available in 29″er form again with the upgrades that the 26″er version also gets. Here is the Manitou press release with all the details:

Dorado_Pro_2010The Hayes Bicycle Group is pleased to announce the official release of the 2010 Manitou Dorado Pro.

The Dorado Pro features 7050 aluminum legs and utilizes the same premium internals as the Dorado MRD carbon version. With premium durability, the Dorado Pro maintains its World Cup DH race pedigree. However, it’s not a typical DH race fork anymore. With the added strength of the 7050 aluminum legs, it becomes a very capable park, free-ride and big mountain fork. Along with proven TPC+ damping, the fork has plush top-out coupled with a unique hydraulic bottoming ramp-up that makes the fork feel bottomless.

Updates for 2010 include an improved two-chamber, large-volume, low-pressure air spring which simplifies set-up and optimizes fork performance. The air spring pressure is now tuned by using a single valve at the top of the fork eliminating the second valve at the bottom of the leg. The pressure in the two chambers auto-equalizes when a shock pump is connected offering ease of set up by adding and/or bleeding off air from the top. Also, all mount hardware features high grade bolts with deep hex broaches offering an improved tool inter-face, and the brake line guide has been improved for optimum routing.


Weight: 6.55lbs

Travel: 180mm/203mm for 26”

175mm for 29”

Chassis: Alloy Legs & Crown

Spring: Dual Air Chamber

Damper: TPC+

Hub: 20mm Hex Lock

The 2010 Dorado Pro was designed and tested in California and North Vancouver and is handmade in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, facility. The Hayes Bicycle Group will continue to offer a one-year service program which allows riders to return their fork for factory service and inspection at no charge (specific rules apply to factory service). All race support at the HBG race truck will remain free of charge as we continue to support race teams, free riders and privateers. MSRP for the Dorado Pro in 26” is $1,749 and $1,799 for the 29er version. For more Manitou suspension fork information, see their site here.