While we are all about big wheels here and the news associated with that, we also have to maintain our rigs from time to time. It isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, but if you are mechanically inclined, or just want to keep things in tip top shape, you roll up your sleeves and dive in. Once in awhile we will be posting up some things we are doing to maintain our 29″ers and keep them going. Hopefully you will find some of the products and tips featured useful.

Recently we had the chance to demo some of Tri Flow’s varied products. They don’t just do lubricants. For a over all review of all the products we got to check out, go over here to The Cyclist and check out the post there.

What I wanted to do with this post is to show how Tri Flow products can make your life just a bit easier in terms of maintenance. Recently I degreased the drive train on one of my single speed rigs and here are the results of that. Keeping the gunk off your cogs is always a great idea. It definitely makes your parts last longer, and your lubrication of the chain is more effective and longer lasting without that sticky goo on the chain wheel and cog.

sept09 005

Here’s my chain wheel before with the typical greasy, sticky buildup around the teeth.

sept09 006

Here I have hit the edge of the chain wheel with Tri Flow’s Foaming Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser. It foams up on contact and according to the label instructions, it is supposed to sit for three to five minutes to let the product dissolve the gunk. This is pretty cool, since you could go and do another bit of maintenance, answer some e-mail, or have a beer or something and come back to it. (I had a beer!)

sept09 007

And afterward, I came back, wiped off the chain wheel, and had a completely clean surface ready to go back into duty on a single speed rig. Easy and effective. I like that. Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser works on all your drive train stuff and is easy to use. Remember: A clean bike is a happy bike!

Other products tried were the Rapid Cleaner/Degreaser, the Red Grease, the Synthetic Grease, and Foaming Lubricant. Check out all the Tri Flow products on the Tri Flow website.