Louis Garneau course helmetBaby, it’s hot outside, even as I type this in late September, and in So Cal it has been an unusually hot and HUMID year.  We know about hot, but humid is kind of new around here.  So I typically do a lot of road riding as compared to MTB riding in summer here and this year, I was on a gravel bike a great deal of the time, as at least I could get in the dirt along with some pavement sections.

So I was looking for a helmet that would work for road and gravel rides and would vent well, be lightweight, and help me deal with the nasty conditions we had to deal with.  S0 for most of this summer I rode the Louis Garneau Course helmet on all my gravel bike rides and a bit of pure road riding too.  Here is a bit of word-smithing from the Garneau website for the Louis Garneau Course helmet:

“The Course Helmet bridges aerodynamics and ventilation for a practical solution for everyday cyclists. By superiorly achieving the utmost in aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort, safety, and design, the Course Helmet is for sure, a winner. Computational Fluid Dynamics Software enabled us to simulate the aerodynamic performance of several helmets on the market. Our analysis determined that it was possible to optimize performance by maximizing the frontal surface of the helmet. In order to reduce this highest pressure zone on the helmet, the front, frontal openings were designed to optimize air follow and evacuate air internally to the back of the helmet. An aerodynamically designed inner-nerve system molded inside of the EPS liner to force air inside the helmet, circulate the rider’s head, and evacuate to through the back of the helmet. Internally molded evacuation channels move the airflow, cool the head, and eliminate moisture. The Course Helmet was designed directly on the head of a rider in a cycling position, so it naturally adapts to the contour of the human head without excess material.

Incomparable aerodynamics, comfort and ventilation: That’s what the fastest aero road helmet on the market has to offer”.

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  • Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN
  • Vents: 31
  • Weight: 8.8 oz/250 g


  • In-Mold construction

  • Super MSB technology: Ring-shaped plastic protection at the base of the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection.

  • Aero inner nerve: To optimize aerodynamics, air must circulate inside as well as outside the helmet. The aero cage was thus designed in order to let the air flow in without restriction. The evacuation channels then guide the air to the back of the helmet.

  • Integrated strap system with inner nerves: Inner frame which distributes the shock of impacts, thus providing support and protection while being lightweight.

  • Evacuation channels: Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking.

  • Spiderlock® Pro II: Helmet stabilizing system featuring a polymer neck support. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel, and its inclination can be adjusted to several positions.

  • Pro-lock divider: Small and light cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position.

  • Wind tunnel tested: The result is a helmet that follows the shape of the head without excess material at the back, allowing better air evacuation from the front of the helmet to the cyclist’s back.

  • X-Static® XT2TM padding: Quick-drying antimicrobial material that inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria. Its ergonomic design provides optimum comfort.

There is no visor option so if you want that either add a cycling cap underneath or look elsewhere. I always run a Buff headwrap under my helmets as I find they keep me cooler than a bare head does and warmer in the cold times.  I have a Medium size helmet which is right at the 59cm upper limit I measure at.  However I found it roomy enough, even with the head wrap underneath.  I weighed it at 281g.  MSRP is $239.99.

The Good:

  • The fit.  Very, very good, I think a good part of that comes from the way the Spider Lock Pro cradles the back of my head, coming quite far down the base of my skull.  It is nearly a wiggle free helmet.  Hours later I just never noticed I had it on.
  • Yep…it runs cool.  Ventilation is quite good and on the hottest, worst humid days I never felt like I was cooking due to the helmet.  I still cooked, mind you, but not from the Course helmet!
  • It looks good too, not like something off the set of an Alien movie.

Louis Garneau course helmet

The Not So Good:

  • Hmmmm…not very much really.  It may not look like a $240.00 helmet, if that matters at all….subtle graphics, etc.
  • I would be very careful how your store it and treat it as the Spider Lock Pro adjustment part hangs out there pretty far and is a wispy plastic.  I have had that area break on other brands (Giro).  However, that is just speculation on my part.

Louis Garneau course helmetLouis Garneau course helmetLouis Garneau course helmet

I like the subtle look of the helmet and the fit and wearability…cooling,etc, are very good.  I have no complaints, really.  Here is a bit of video talking about the helmet and the testing and development that went into it.

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Note: Louis Garneau sent over this product at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.