Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post on Kona’s upcoming Satori full suspension bike, we got pinged by Kona regarding another 2012 model in the works called the “Honzo”. This one is a steel, all mountain-ish oriented hard tail rig.

Image courtesy of Kona Cog.

The Honzo features many of the details associated with the hard tail “all mountain” category, like a slack head angle, (68* with stock Revelation fork), short chain stays, (415mm/16.3″), and details like sliding drop outs for single speed use, ISCG 05 tabs, and provision for a dropper post.

Image courtesy of Kona Cog.

Kona Product Manager, Chris Mandell also points out that the short chain stays, ability to run a 2.4″ tire, and still have room for “mud and mangled wheels” meant that no provisions for a front derailleur were made on the Honzo’s frame. The bike will be spec’ed with a 1 X 9 set up and will have a 36T low end on the cassette. The head tube, a 44mm type, will accept a tapered steer tube fork, and should work with adjustable angle head sets. Look for Honzo 29″ers to hit showroom floors in October sometime for your fall riding exploits.

We’d like to thank Kona for helping out with the information and images in this post.