Kenda Honey Badger Pro 2.2″ 29″er Tires: Final Review- by Guitar Ted

Kenda Honey Badger

Honey Badgers on the Blackbuck

It is time to render my final thoughts on the Kenda Honey Badger tires which I’ve been riding most of the Fall here. See the previous post on these here. Right now, let’s take a final look at these trail treads.

Tubeless Performance: As has been stated before, these are the first tubeless rated 29″er tires I have tried from Kenda, and I am happy to say that they have been flawless as tubeless tires. This is a huge improvement over the hit and miss tubeless conversions of previous Kenda non-tubeless tires. Thanks Kenda for making true tubeless ready 29″er tires!

Honey Badger Final 10-13 007

Ride Performance: The Honey Badger tires have been mostly excellent in the dry conditions we had previous to the late Fall. Then things moistened up a bit, the trails became covered in leaves, and the conditions were more treacherous. Here the Honey Badger was affected negatively. The tread block height just doesn’t quite seem up to grabbing looser. slipperier terrain as well. Honey Badger Final 10-13 010
The late season leaves and moistness packed in the tread and made the Honey Badger less effective, so I am going to call the Honey Badger more of a dry conditions specialist than an all around trail tire. That said, when it is dry the Honey Badger is outstanding.

Conclusions: The Honey Badger is a voluminous 2.2″er that makes for a wide, capable tire on a wider rim. Narrower, XC-ish rims don’t bring out the Honey Badger’s potential goodness at all. On a wider rim, and in drier conditions, the Honey Badger can be counted on to roll fast with really good traction. However; when things get loamy, wet, or looser, the Honey Badger’s performance falls off and it is not as effective in these situations.

I liked the Kenda’s tubeless ready performance and the fact that the tire measures out per spec and weighs within specs as well. Both are unusual in tires we test. Overall it is a great addition to the 29″er’s tire arsenal, and comes with a big recommendation to those looking for a tire for a rigid bike set up, or for a very fast, grippy trail bike tire in dry conditions.