While there is no doubt that the popularity and reach of 29″ers has grown and continues to do so, the “specific” components necessary for the format have usually been relegated to frames, wheels, tires, and forks. Now that has changed with the appearance of some new team issue gloves that will be issued to the Subaru-Trek Mountain Bike Team

“Two 9” on the knuckles.

These are part of the new team kit riders will be sporting in the first race of the season tomorrow. Essentially, they are the Bontrager Rhythm full finger XC gloves done up special for the guys, (blue), and the gals, (green), that will all be sporting 29″ers at the races throughout 2011. While the rest of us 29″er freaks can not get these gloves, you can roll the same model without the fancy livery. These are available from your local Trek dealer now.09bo411176

And just to keep this post on track with “actual” 29″er specific stuff, here’s a sneak peek inside the Subaru-Trek Team truck. (image from Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski’s Twitter feed.)


Twenty Nine Inches would like to wish all the Subaru-Trek riders success in their 2011 campaigns.