Grannygear and Guitar Ted:

Due to our technical snafu yesterday, we are going to do a brief overview of the Outdoor demo, then the indoor show, and then we are going to break in with our specific reports, finally followed by miscellaneous items, an award for Best of Show, and some Final Thoughts.

Spot Brand's Honey Badger SS

Look for a full report on the new rigs from Spot Brand Bikes, the Honey Badger and the titanium “Cream”. Spot is making these bikes in Taiwan to assure a steady, high quality supply of these bikes.

Diamond Back's proposed 2013 1/2 model Mason FS

We get a run down on Diamond Back’s proposed 140mm X 140mm travel Mason FS. Look for details coming soon, but suffice it to say we’re excited about this bike. Oh…..and Eric Porter’s pre-production rig is sporting pre-production Kenda Honey Badger tires as well. Stay tuned for more on Kenda tires as well.

Grannygear purposed to ride as many longer travel, “boutique” brand 29″ers that he could. What did he get and what did he think? Look for his Ride Impressions to start rolling out soon.

Origin 8's Crawler

Yes…..Origin 8 has actually green lighted this fat bike for production, albeit with an entirely new frame and color. Hydroformed, track ends, and no provision for derailleur drive trains here. Look for a ride impression soon.

Guitar Ted rode Surly’s Krampus, and we’ll be combining his thoughts with c_g’s impressions of the test Krampus rig he has in Germany. Stay tuned….

Next up, a quick overview of the Indoor show. Then we’ll get on to several specific posts with ride impressions, booth visits, images, opinions, and more.