The 2009 edition of Interbike, North America’s biggest bicycle trade show for the industry, is upon us once again. Grannygear and I will be your reporters this go ’round and we’ll be focusing on all things 29″er. Here’s a short preview of what we expect to be the biggest trends in wagon wheelers for 2010.

Expect to see lots of carbon goodies!

Carbon Fiber Gets More Prolific: We are aware of several carbon fiber rigs that will be making an appearance at Interbike for the first time. Everything from single speeds to full suspension rigs will be showing up made from the material once reserved for road bikes. Notable in this category are Niner Bike’s Carbon Air 9, Santa Cruz’s Tall Boy full suspension rig, and even an offering in big wheels from the ultra high end brand Storck, most notable for it’s road rockets priced in the five digit realm.

Expect to see a few “long legged” 29″er full suspension rigs as well.

Long Travel 29″ers: They’re Here!: I have been reporting on this for three years, but finally it can be said truthfully that the components and designs are in place for real long travel 29″ers to start hitting the trails in 2010. Most notable in this category are Niner Bike’s W.F.O.9 and LenzSport’s as yet un-named “DH” rig. (We hear Devin Lenz will have a name by the time the show opens). Other longer travel 29″ers will also be showing along with many trail bikes. Expect this to be a hot topic this coming week and afterward.

Components: We are expecting to see the introduction of some tubeless wheels, (Most notably Easton’s “Haven” 29″er wheels), more tires, (WTB Dissent 29″er, Kodiak, and others), and possibly a fork or two. We’ll be cruising the show for signs of anything new cropping up in this area for sure.

Expect to see powder coated rims in various colors on 29″ers for 2010.

Trends: We’ll also be scouting the aisles for any new trends, fashion or otherwise, that will feature in what we see for big wheelers in 2010. Look for pictures and descriptions to be posted throughout the show. We’ll also have our take on things afterward coming in our Interbike 2009 Reports.

Stay tuned! The fun starts on Monday as Grannygear and I hit the Outdoor Demo.