Hot and windy were the operative words at the opening of North America’s largest cycling show. Grannygear and Guitar Ted slathered on the sunscreen and went on the hunt for objects of desire. Here is a tidbit sampling of the wares on display…

Which one is the I-9 fatbike hub?

Fat bikes. It was one of the more interesting things about Outdoor Demo if you were not interested in 27.5″ers. We will have a separate break out on fat bikes later.

29″ers were not as prevalent as they once were at the Outdoor Demo. Things were all about fat bikes, 27.5″ers, or oddball things like Surly does with the 29+ and 26+, (all previously covered here already.) We did spy this lovely Boo Bikes Lefty equipped 29″er hardtail though.

There were a few 29″er full suspension devices we can talk about though. One being this Redline bike, which we are going to get a ride on and report to you on. There also were the Lapeirre bikes, and the recently revamped Niner WFO. Stay tuned for reports on all three of these bikes.

There were the traditional “oddball” goings on as well. These adut “big wheelers” were all the rage as folks took turns power sliding them on the tarmac strip in the demo area. One over-exuberant test rider nearly took out a demo tent!

We will have much more soon, but now it is time for re-hydration and rest!