Word has come from Germany that the nations sanctioning body, the BDR, has repealed its restrictions against racing a 29 inch wheeled bicycle in off road competitions starting now for the 2010 racing season. The UCI, which governs international racing, was appealed to by Gary Fisher six years ago to allow international racing of 29 inch wheels and the UCI did allow for this then. However; each nation has its own governing bodies for national events and Germany was nonplussed by the UCI decision as it forbade the use of 29 inch wheels in any of its sanctioned events, essentially making a 29″er an outcast.

Could the German’s allowance of big wheels for racing make 29″ers more popular in Europe?

Now with this restriction being lifted, it will be interesting to see what, if any, 29 inch wheels are actually raced in Germany in 2010. It is also interesting to note that a major cycling publication based in Germany is conducting its second round of tests on 29″ers. Perhaps 2010 will see big wheel popularity increase in Germany to the point that some of the countries home brands will start dabbling in 29 inch wheels for future models.

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