Geax Evolution 29″er Tires: Final Review: by Guitar Ted

The Geax 29 inch sized commuter tires have been put through their paces now and it has come time for a Final Review. If you want to re-visit the previous reports on this model from Geax, see here and here. Now for my final take on these commuter treads from Geax….

Origin8Geax oct11 013

The Geax Evolution, since my last posting on this tire, did make the final cut for 2012 production, so this is the tire you will be able to get sometime soon. It is a budget tire, forecast to come in at under $30.00 USD retail, so it won’t take a bite out of your pocketbook if you are thinking about these for your 29″er. Now, just who would want such a tire?

Well, maybe you’ve retired an older 29″er, but can’t see fit to get rid of it. Give it a second life as a townie/utility bike with a set of these, perhaps. Maybe you’ve been eying a mostly paved/smooth tour, or maybe you will be commuting to work now. The Geax Evolution is a perfect tire for any of these exploits.

Origin8Geax oct11 012

Conclusions: Geax has a great, inexpensive tire that will expand the uses of your 29″er, or maybe revive an older steed and put it back into service. I liked the super-smooth feel of the tire and it rolled well enough to not be a detriment in my opinion. Added to this the tire is durable, seems to resist puntures well, and does gravel, pea gravel, smooth dirt, and rough chip seal well.

Short of full-on mountain bike riding, the Geax Evolution seems like quite a capable utility/commuter tread that shows little signs of wear. I suspect that it will wear well enough to easily pay for itself many times over in trips to pay bills, get a few groceries, and commute back and forth to work. Plus, I can swap out these tires easily to make my bike a full-on off road machine in a matter of a half an hour tops.

The Evolution may only have two negatives. First, it doesn’t have a reflective stripe around its perimeter, which seems as it might be a useful thing on a tire with the intent of the Evolution. Secondly, it isn’t a very exciting tire. Commuter tires or tires for paved riding may not seem very fun, but this tire deserves a good, hard look. It seems to be, to my way of thinking, a tire that would work to open up a lot more uses for a lot of 29″ers out there.

Geax submitted these tires for test and review at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches. we are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to offer our honest views and opinions throughout.