This weekend marked the annual “Trek World” dealer show where Trek and Fisher dealers flock to America’s heartland to see just what the company behind the “Big Red Shield” is up to these days. Here’s a look at the offerings from Gary Fisher Bikes in the 29″er series for 2009.

2009 Fisher Mamba 29
A new model, the Mamba, will sell for $850.00. This bike and the Ferrous are the only two models without G2 geometry. They both will sport 46mm offsets in their respective forks.
2009 Fisher Cobia
The Cobia remains and shows the integrated look with contrasting/matching cable housings and brake controls that shows up through the ’09 line up.
2009 X-Caliber
The ’09 X-Caliber shows off the new graphics well.
2009 Ferrous
A 2009 Ferrous looking stately in black. This year it gets a Fox fork with 46mm offset.
2009 Fisher Paragon
The 2009 Paragon in a sparkly white.
2009 Fisher Rig
The Fisher Rig is back with a darker hue this time around.
Fisher '09 HiFi Plus
The ’09 HiFi Plus is the entry level for 29″er full suspension in the Fisher line up.
Fisher '09 HiFi Deluxe
The HiFi Deluxe recieves a similar graphic treatment as the Paragon.
HiFi Pro for '09
The HiFi Pro gets an upgraded shock package with a three position RP23 rear damper and a four position platform adjuster on the front Fox Shox RLC 29 fork.
The range topping Fisher Superfly for 2009.
Top o the heap Superfly makes a return for 2009 wearing the “29erCrew” graphics.

While the Fisher line up is lacking in big technical advancements for 2009, it does look to be a strong line up with some fine tuning on component spec and graphics. The addition of the sub-grand Mamba is a great thing to see. The Superfly will still be a highly sought after race rig. Another thing worth noting, the Ferrous, which gains some offset in the fork from 38mm to 46mm, is representative of what I think is the death of sub 43mm offsets for 29″ers.

While there were other fireworks going off at the Fisher booth, (Road bikes anyone?) I think that 2009 will mark a year of relative quiet on the Fisher front in regards to innovations on the big wheel side. I am hearing rumblings for some changes though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something remarkable for 2010. Stay tuned for more coverage from Trek World coming soon.